Political Treachery verses Revolutionary Logic and Wisdom Part 4

Wed, 23 Nov 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

All well meaning Ghanaians including this writer who was once a Young Pioneer Cadre from 1962 – 1966 honour and respect the memory of the Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Patriot, Freedom Fighter and Pan Africanist who not only led this country to independence from Colonial Rule, but also laid the solid foundation for Pan-African Freedom on our continent and in the Diaspora. Even his bitterest political foes in the Danquah Busia tradition which the NPP represent today always praise him to the High Heavens on the quiet but openly condemn him as a former dictator on Radio and T.V. because their tribal grouping forming the NPP will collapse if they should praise Nkrumah openly.

It was Jerry Rawlings” PNDC government that built the Nkrumah Manseleum, and it was the PNDC government that revoked the NLC decree 345 which made it an offence punishable by five years imprisonment without the option of a fine for possessing Dr. Nkrumah’s mere photograph. It was that infamous decree that also banned the CPP for 10 years from re-organising as a political party to contest any general election in Ghana. As a former Young Pioneer cadre, I do not need a force history book written by people from the UP tradition who could write the political history of Ghana without Any Reference to the role of the late Dr. Nkrumah just because of political hatred they have for him.

Therefore, those who hatched that secret plan to collapse the PNC and the CPP and merge it with the NDC for Ghana to have only two political parties should have hinted the Rawlingses for their comments instead of STABBING THEM AT THE BACK since 2008. making the NDC fighting a war within its own ranks where some group are callously described as the ENEMIES WITHIN who must be relegated to the background, denied any protocol or courtesy, denied jobs, treated with contempt and made to suffer the most extreme conditions in their own party which they sacrificed dearly to establish to have a solid foundation nation wide just to show them WHERE POWER LIES – Is that so? Well this is the time for those who gave out the power to the politicians to retain their mandates have come, so what will happen if we all decide to pay those who now claim to be so powerful in the government in their own coins? Can they retain power again only to turn their backs to cadres and footsoldiers by describing them as the Enemies within the NDC? This is a simple question and it is simple logic – can some body, I mean those powerful demi-gods in government and the NDC leadership kindly provide a simple answer for Ghanaians to know? You see, the early days of the PNDC government were times of GREAT SACRIFICE between 1982 -1983 where we worked as P.D.C members amidst weekly coup attempts and our woes were deepened when in 1983, bush fires spread through out the country while a former Nigerian President, Alhaji Shehu Shagari also deported over 2 million Ghanaians from Nigeria to Ghana.

Transportation was also a problem in Ghana and the countrys roads became Trenches instead of pot holes since these roads were un motorable nationwide.

However, by the time, the NDC as a political party handed over power to the NPP in 2001, we had restored Ghana’s pride and had gained the respect of the International Community.

When the NDC handed over power to the NPP, we wanted a genuine co-operative hand over which would have been a milestone in Ghana’s history. instead of that, the entire former NDC administration were CRIMINALISED and innocent government ministers who worked under Rawlings were jailed through FALSE CHARGES and the rest continued to face and suffer indignity and persecution from Jan – 2001 to December 7th 2008 when Ghanaians booted the NPP out of office. The jailing of Tsatsu Tsikata by the NPP government had nothing to do with that FALSE CHARGE preferred against him because he committed the said office in 1993 when the Law on causing financial loss to the state was then not passed by Parliament. That was the nature of a shameless CLASS WAR. Now, when Nana Akuffuor Addo keeps shouting” the Rule of Law” Just like Ex – Prez. J.A. Kufour his master, don’t let such utterances fool you at all. Was it not under his tenure as Attorney General that he prepared a charge sheet against Tsatsu Tsikata with the heading” “The President verses Tsatsu Tsikata”- instead of the “Republic verses Tsatsu Tsikata and went ahead to set the shameful record of packing the Supreme Court simply to be able to reverse an earlier verdict of the court? Despite all these undemocratic and nasty state of affairs by the then NPP government, their machinery is left INTACT because they are considered as Angels and the now bluff that they are in control of Ghana”. But the leadership and some gov t – appointees have rather targeted the Rawlingses and what they stood and still stand for in their impossible attempt to merge the PNC and CPP with the NDC and FORGET ABOUT THE RAWLINGSES- What a political treachery and sheer ungratefulness – will it Really work, we live to see Dr. Nkrumah was a revolutionary, just as Jesus Christ and Mohammed were also revolutionaries because JUSTICE was their Holy Passion. Did Jesus Christ not whip some gamblers who were gambling in the Church during his life time? Yes, Prez. Mills should keep the Bible aside a bit, and crack the whip on some of his appointees who are dis-obeying his orders by implementing a Bitter Ghana Agenda.

Now the soldiers and officers who liberated and redeemed their image on June 4, 1979 did not wait for orders from Anybody to save this country, but with God on their side they saved all well meaning Ghanaians. Every fish rots from its head, so by attacking the Rawlingses in their own party that they and their cadres extremely sacrificed to establish to have a solid foundation on the ground and relegating them to the background, we must not wait for orders from ANY PERSON or group of persons to take our destinies into our own hands BEFORE telling our detractors that they can not be allowed to take away the peoples power as the NPP did to us. Loose cannons are neither good nor bad but they are very necessary, because Dr. Nkrumah told some traditional rulers in 1956 that some Chiefs will ran away and leave their sandals behind when they ganged up with Dr. Busia’s Mate meho” regional party to undermine his CPP government in their fight for Federalism on a narrow tribal front and it worked perfectly for him so come Again Hannah Tetteh. Ghana is not against the Rawlingses but his own Party Leadership and the ruling Government. Is anybody listening – I shall return when the Need Arise in the Final part of this Article









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement