Politicians Promises and Manifestoes in Ghana

Mon, 3 Dec 2012 Source: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi

27th November 2012

When a man falls in love with a fair lady, he can conjure up all the sweetest words in the world to sweep her off her feet. So it is with politicians when it is approaching election time. This is the time the electorate to be wary and discerning, because the Great Book warns us that by their fruits they shall be known. Who are politicians? People who have made politics or state affairs their career and who seek to gain the commanding heights of the political arena in order to call the shots and implement their promises which are outlined in their manifesto. A manifesto is a document of intention which spells out the ideology, beliefs, aspirations and policy direction of a political party. There are politicians who are glib with words and have the charisma to pull the crowds, but when it comes to action or performance or delivery on their promises, they are found wanting. They can promise you the moon but they cannot even deliver a meteorite. Voters should be discerning because the scarce resources and the parlous state of our LEDC economy cannot afford to provide the needed resources required to carry out their dreams. It is better to vote for a genuine person who is realistic and who promises what is feasible. I know of a politician in another country who many years ago promised that if he won power, he would provide an egg a day and pairs of shoes for all the citizens. Lo and behold, when he won power, he used it to cow down his people and he instituted Marshall Law or a state of emergency. That is the politician for you. So on polling day of 7th December 2012, vote wisely and secretly. Your vote is your power. It is non-negotiable. Beware of Machiavellian tactics from the greedy and power-hungry and deceitful politicians. Forward ever, backward never. In 2016, I expect Ghanaians to consider voting CPP to power because the NPP and NDC are surrogates of imperialists. They have nothing good to offer except to gratify themselves and close relatives.

Columnist: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta