Opinions Wed, 13 Oct 2010

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Politicians Stealing in the name of Politics

This is a short article, but I am using it to address the legalized stealing that has become culture among our elected officials in both the NDC and NPP governments, especially the NPP government of yesteryear. Most of them have become CAREER CORRUPT CRIMINALS (CCC) and do not deserve to be called HONOURABLES.

We should stop ALL politicians from encroaching on public lands. We do not vote them into office for them to scramble to acquire public lands to the disadvantage of the ordinary Ghanaian and Mother Ghana.

We should stop our politicians in dissolving our public institutions and selling the liquidated assets to themselves and their cronies.

All seized goods including cars should be publicly auctioned and not made the reserve of politicians who secretly allocate such properties to themselves and their cronies.

Government should stop assigning bungalows free of charge to politicians.

Government should stop giving free petrol for the private use of politicians

Government should stop supplying free electricity to politicians and assigning the cost to the ordinary citizen to pay

Government should stop awarding lucrative contracts to cronies in their parties. This kills Private initiatives and private industry in Ghana..

Stop giving loans to politicians who never pay them back. Let them go to the banks like everyone else for such loans.

Why do Politicians, their sons, daughters, family members and their cronies in Ghana suddenly become rich when they win office?

We should start monitoring their economic metamorphosis from RAGS to RICHES overnight. Ghanaians must ask questions and demand answers. Stop the politicians from depriving you of you human, civil, economic rights, and your human dignity.

They are using POLYTRICKS to enrich themselves. They are using Politics to legalise their stealing habits.

Both the NPP and NDC governments are guilty of all the above.

Dr. Kwasi Asamoah

Columnist: Asamoah, Kwasi

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