Politics In Ghana Is Plagued By Many Ills-Final

Sun, 24 Feb 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement


Our country, Ghana must be awake to the DANGER of political vendetta posed by the Law on Causing Financial Loss to the State which is a very bad law at least in the manner in which it has been interpreted and applied by the law courts. This country needed not to wait for the NDC or NPP to show how BADLY they would want to apply it before we wake up to the danger one day.

Some might view the confrontation between the NPP and the NDC as exciting because there are inherent dangers since the Lies, vilification, tribalism which are in their worst forms to day as well as threats and intimidation which threaten to tear the country apart. The NPP has since 1992 planted a Tribal Time Bomb which will blow up in our face if it is not diffused by the NDC. These negative and unproductive behavior are taking place in the country and the effects are that Good People who are patriotic nationalistic minded are indirectly been driven away from politics and mediocrity is inflicted upon the country.

As I have been saying since time immemorial, people lose their jobs, others got their business collapsed, others were demoted from their previous positions on their jobs, others were even denied their promotions, and in some institutions junior workers were promoted higher above their former bosses, all because of their political beliefs in this country since independence in 1957 to January 2009 when the late President J.E.A Mills stopped it when he stated openly that the NDC government under his leadership should LET IT BE, and that was it. This unbridled tribalism, political vendetta, threats and intimidations and vilifications if not checked and stopped immediately are threatening the SURVIVAL OF THE NATION as it is currently happening between the violent prone NPP and the NDC


When I took up my pen to defend former President Rawlings and the NDC government in the pages of the “Ghanaian Voice” in 1996, I clashed with several leading members of the NPP who could not stand the power of my pen, until Mr. Kwabena Akosa Sarpong, the then Regional Editor of the “Ghanaian Voice” came down to Obuasi and interviewed me at a popular night club one afternoon in 1996. Until then, the so-called positive changers in the NPP insulted my intelligence by always saying that it was Jerry Rawlings, who always wrote such articles at the Castle for me to sign in Obuasi. Well, a blind boy always think that all his age mates are blind- I mean, because there are many educated illiterates in the NPP, they think that I am also one of them. I actually started writing articles to the newspapers in 1984 when the reactionary forces who represent the NPP today attacked the PNDC govt. constantly and not recently because I have been a Former Young Pioneer Cadre under Nkrumah’s CPP government from 1959-1966, a June Four card bearing member and finally a member of the Peoples Defence Committee (P.D.C) which was later renamed the C.D.R in September, 1984 by Jerry Rawlings.

I have written this for the benefit of the thousands of my admirers and detractors alike who do not know me- I am as popular as the wind and my pen is no respector of persons when it comes to politics in this country.


In 1996, the violent prone NPP, then in opposition enquired about me from Mr. Sam Jonah, who was then my CEO of AGA and complained bitterly to him about the articles I had been writing against their party. Sam Jonah once met me and told me that I was becoming very popular in Accra because of the articles I was writing. I replied him that the NPP leadership are always throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians through the newspapers and that was why I have been keeping them on their toes. He expressed a wry smile-not knowing that he was a card bearing member of the NPP and a financer of the Party. Here was a man who was brought to the lime light by the C.D.R’s including me at the AGA. I have worked with the security Agencies and made friends with National Security Operatives, BNI operatives and Military Intelligence Operatives from 1982 to 1992 and they gave me some security tips during the PNDC era to date. Do you know what? Sam Jonah had planned to sack me because of my political beliefs on the orders of Ex-Prez. Kufour then an opposition leader.

He set several spies and informants around me, and I in turn set more spies and informants on him at the A.G.A. Quarters in Accra, his private residence in Accra and Obuasi, his family house in Obuasi and even at his home town at Assin Kushea until the time he left for South Africa and my spies and informants followed him there too without his knowledge – I got credible information from all of them and I could work with this UNGRATEFUL JONAH for over 1,000 years without him being able to sack me at all for only a loose and foolish cowardly cadre will allow himself to be sacked by a political novice like Sam Jonah. He is fabulous richer than me, but when it comes to politics I am also 100% richer and more intelligent than him. Politics is about creation of resources and sharing of resources equitably, so nobody must be sacked for his or her political beliefs in this country as I suffered in the hands of Sam Jonah who promoted a stark illiterate in the Sinking Department of AGA in 2000 instead of the me who passed that examination in 1996-4 good years before that illiterate man was promoted over me – he treated me that way because of my political beliefs, but I never gave in to him and continued with the activities of the great NDC.

I am done. Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.




Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement