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Politics Of War And Death…Who Needs It?

"They (referring to NDC) have intentions to intimidate us in 2012 because they believe that we the Akans are soft and cowards. If that is the thinking, then we shall see. At least during the Atiwa bye-election, we showed a little of our colours there”

“You must understand that this party was formed by courageous people. Our leaders who formed this party that has now become the biggest political movement in Ghana were not cowards. So in 2012 we need to be courageous because all die be die. All die be die” QUOTED FROM Nana Addo – NPP Flag bearer for 2012. Ghanaweb, February 9, 2011.

Did Dr. Okoampah Ahoofeh read the above statement above attribute to his Uncle? This is the most peevish and scandalous statement I have heard coming from Nana Akufo Addo, the NPP Flag bearer for 2021. Is this coming from a well educated person or an intellectually challenged person? Why is he invoking ethnocentrism and tribalism in Ghana’s politics? Has he all too soon forgotten about RWANDA and KENYA? Or is he so desperate to become president of Ghana that he would not mind plunging the whole country into blood bath just to whittle his sole selfish greed. He is not even talking for the welfare of the NPP, but using them to fulfill his dream of becoming president. What makes him think that Ghanaians are going to overwhelmingly vote for NPP and that if that does not happen he will infer intimidation or rigging? He feels that NPP must win at all cost, regardless of the means or the consequences. He must understand that political competition is competition between political parties and not competition between tribes. What he is trying to do is to pit one tribe against the other. Is that the only message he can present to the Ghanaian electorate, while there are other topics like unemployment, road accidents, health care, education, poverty,

Who informs him that there are not AKANS in the NDC or the other political parties? What a baseless, hollow, and wicked and senseless stand. No wonder he was advocating for war in the Ivory Coast. He wants war in Ghana, because all his children live abroad and he does not care who dies to make him president.

If the NPP youth die for you to become president,

Why is it that the Ghanaian politician would want to engage in DO and DIE politics? Is it because of the money they get to steal, that they would do this just to be elected into office and begin to live like KINGS who can dip their hands into the country’s coffers at will. Is it to allow them to go abroad for medical treatment while they care less about the ordinary Ghanaians health care? Is it to allow their benefactors to pay the school fees for their children while they school abroad and the ordinary Ghanaian attends school under trees and in dilapidated buildings with little or no educational resources and toilet facilities? Is it the FAT EX GRATIAS the receive at the end of every four years that makes them engage in this stupid DO and DIE politics. What happened to their sense of patriotism and selflessness? Is this lack of patriotism and selflessness that makes an ex president who has it all economically, demand that he served the country and, therefore, must be given two houses, six cars, a million dollars, etc. on top of all he has already acquired in life. Do they come to serve or to see themselves rich and famous at the end of their presidency or at the end of their respective acts in politics? They ask for hectic pay increases for themselves without ever thinking to improve the lot of the ordinary Ghanaian? They know ALL the answers while they are in opposition, but when they come to power or return to power, they FORGET all the answers to Ghana’s problems. Given the chance they would want to Gbagbo or Mubarak themselves and lord it over Ghanaians. What kind of Politician do we have in Ghana? The politician who finds his voice when he is in opposition? The politician who becomes the friend of the masses, only when in opposition, and not when he in the ruling party? Ghanaians are awake and we need to hear from you how you are going to take this country forward and help improve our economic situation. Do not use us to achieve your political goals and leave us to rot when you are in power. NPP, NDC…you are all the same. We know you are all corrupt, so please stop pointing fingers. Let us use ANAS’s exposes to rid the country of corruption and develop the country to benefit everyone and not a select few. Why politicians should sell government lands and buildings to themselves and their cronies and not auctioned publicly? By the way, we do not need to sell government property at all under any circumstances. They are to be developed for public consumption. Why do politicians have to arrogate seized vehicles to themselves and their cronies and not to the general public? These are some of the underlying causes of corruption in which our politicians are neck deep.

The BNI must be an independent body which must survive all governments; therefore, government must stop staffing it with party members when they are in office. The BNI must be constituted in such a way that they must be able to go after anyone who falls afoul of the country’s laws and constitution, whether a member of the governing party or not. NDC AND NPP -- STOP THE WAR POLITICS NOW AND CONVINCE US HOW YOU WILL DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY AND DEVELOPMENTALLY WHILE IN GOVERNMENT AND NOT WHEN YOU ARE IN OPPOSITION. GHNAIANS ARE TIRED OF YOUR DANGEROUS ANARCHICAL POLITRICKS. DO AND DIE MY FOOT. WE WILL NOT DO ANY SUCH POLITICS, NOT OR THE NPP, NOT FOR THE NDC, AND NOT FOT ANY OTHER POLITICIANS

Dr. Kwasi Asamoah

Columnist: Asamoah, Kwasi

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