Women's health - Cervical cancer

Thu, 28 Aug 2008 Source: Bolus, Mercy Adede

Most women assume that they are enjoying good health and the thought of cervical cancer is rather remote from them.

In Ghana however, I doubt if our health care system have a programme for helping women with cervical cancer.

Most women are unaware that having multiple partners does increase one risk of cervical cancer. Research shows that sexual activity and high numbers of partners are strong predicators of which women will get cervical cancer. This suggests that there may be something is being transmitted sexually to trigger the cancer.

The research suggests that certain sub-types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are often found in women's cervical cells when they have cancer or pre-cancerous changes. HPV is sexually transmitted virus. Careful study of these viruses has shown them to have cancer-causing genes.

While HPV is likely a factor in the development, it does not mean that HPV is the sole cause of cervical cancer. Low levels of Vitamin A and Folate are associated with cervical cancer. Smokers have more cervical cancer and toxins have also been found in cervical cancer cells. This suggests that environmental toxins can play a role. Any kind of impairment of the immune system--such as AIDS--is associated with more cervical cancer. This indicates that the woman's own body defence

Unless women are in control of your bodies and stop thinking of the satisfaction they give men they would go down to an early grave passage.

How could women protect them selves from cervical cancers?

Research suggests that women may lessen their chances of being exposed to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) by using condoms. Regardless of a woman's sex life, her best defence against cervical cancer is regular Pap tests. Cervical cancer takes an average of 10 years to develop. In its early stages, it can be cured 100% of the time, often with simple office procedures.

Don’t chance your life satisfying men. Look after yourself and think of the children you are likely to leave behind when the cervical cancer actually gets grip of your body.

A man is most likely to find the next available woman ready to take him on. So why do we worry?

Be more economical with your bodies, nurture it and think of your own health needs ladies.

Have one partner at a time please. Otherwise you will die early when you chase easy money with rich men who call the shots.

This message is for students, in particular some University students who just want an easy way in life. Some practise risky sexual behaviour especially between the ages of 16-35 years. These group are also prime target in snatching husbands when some women are actually nursing their off springs. They come from all areas from ones one family, friends and the young budding students wanting money to further their education.

Easy comes easy go money actually makes you very miserable in the long-term. Those who struggle with little money enjoy the fruits of their by aiming for higher educational achievements through scholarship which one could find by googling for scholarships for Africa students on the internet.

It is better to climb the economic ladder gracefully to achieve and take ownership of that achievement rather than piggyback on someone else’s.

According to a research by DR. Steven Shongwe, the executive secretary of the Commonwealth Regional Health Community for East, Central and Southern Africa (ECSA Health Community), who reported on last Thursday that a recent survey among the 14 member countries under the body showed that the region has an estimated 30 million people suffering from HIV/ AIDS, accounting for about 50 percent of the total world-wide.

The research highlighted that the 14 countries are Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, South Africa Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

What women in Ghana must remember is that there is no routine screening programme in Ghana? So where do women stand in terms of healthy sexual health?

Do not let Chlamydia is a silent one that can cause infertility destroys your marriage?

Women never sell your bodies cheap treasure it to any one. Articulate the terms and conditions of that body of yours through marriage.

Walk with dignity and pride and never be a bit on the side for anyone. A lady ideally must be aim to be the “Mrs” of a home and not a second best a bit on the side some where in secret.

Your children need you most. If you want quality children and quality grandchildren and great grandchildren then stay with one partner at a time to make that mark.


Columnist: Bolus, Mercy Adede