Praising and Condemning Ghana Media at the Same Time

Tue, 31 Dec 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

?Give praise where praise is due and condemnation where condemnation is required.

The electronic and print media with their affiliate numerous news presenters, programme hosts and programme panellists are to be praised for the positive roles they played throughout year 2013. Some of them really enlightened the public by way of disseminating and explaining government policies and programmes in place to help advance the country. They also informed the public on the real state of the country’s economy and where things are nose-diving with corruption permanently biting chunks away from all government social interventions.?

?Simultaneously, let us condemn those bad nuts among them who pursued and supported policies of untruths in attempts to satisfying their parochial political interests.

Some of them were bought over to do the dirty work of the government by slighting her political opponents in which process; they blighted the hopes of such rivals. ? ?Instead of condemning the irresponsible behaviours of some judges in the wake of the internationally demeaning verdict pronounced on Election 2012 petition, some "stomach-media men and women" rather sought to justify the insanity of the verdict. When Alfred Agbesi Woyome colludes with some NDC government and party members to swindle Ghana of GHC51.2 Million, we have a section of the media supporting them instead of unanimously condemning that act. Some of the media personnel and owners instead of castigating the government for duping Ghana out of millions of Cedis via the dubiously created loot and share Judgment Debt Payments, GYEEDA and SADA, they rather sing the praises in her honour just to have their share of the loot.?

?I do not want to delve into details of specific issues but would simply want to congratulate those in the Ghana media that performed creditably while advising those that performed badly out of nepotism, political persuasions etc., to pull their socks up.?

?I appreciate the Management of Ghanaweb, Modernghana, SpyGhana and Sources radio for allowing people to share their views in such an unhindered manner.

?I salute Afua Pokuaah, alias VIM LADY of Adom Fm radio for her boldness in the diffusion of news and programmes in truth. I also hope Kwesi Pratt and Kwame Tikese will cease their biased presentation of programmes and views directed at seeking praises and favours from the government.?

?In general, I salute the Ghana Media and wish them the best in the coming years. They have to be independent in the execution of their duties. The media are strong in the civilized world and have the power to make it or break it, when they choose to. However, they mostly do so in truth unlike in Ghana.?

?This is my last publication for year 2013 written on Monday, 30 December 2013.?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson