Pratt, Jr. Launches Negative Attack on Alan "K"

Thu, 18 Oct 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Akawsi Pratt, Jr. a journalist who is working on behalf of Akufo Addo, has launched his personal attacks on Alan Kyerematen for unjustifiable reasons, while his Akufo Addo has out spent all the presidential candidates including Alan kyerematen by billions.

Akwasi Pratt Jr has been taking rhetorical shots at the vice president and Alan Kyerematen for their campaign vehicles, which they have purchased as expensive luxuries for only three official campaign cars. This gutter Journalist has the audacity to complain about it; while his Akufo Addo has purchased 80 4x4 Ford vehicles from the Mechanical Lodge in Accra for some constituencies. I want Akwasi Pratt to do all Ghanaians a favor and ask Akufo Addo where he had all this money to buy these vehicles. I live in New York I know how much these vehicles cost. For instance if one vehicle is thirty thousand dollars ($30.000) how much has your Akufo Addo spent on his campaign vehicles alone? With all these monies Akufo Addo has been spending, Akwasi Pratt who has become Akufo Addo’s spokesperson on Pace FM radio station as political analyst is not saying a damn thing about it. These aforementioned individuals have the nerve to attack Alan and Vice the President, by adopting an increasingly aggressive stance in confronting Alan Kyerematen of spending money. While Kyerematen is going around the country doing some fund raising for his campaign. Akwasi Pratt’s attacks on the vice president and Alan Kyerematen are totally baseless. Yet when it comes to the most biting criticisms of a candidate who is spending the most, instead of naming his Akufo Addo he critizes Alan Kyerematen.

During my visit to Ghana I found out from one of the assembly members that Akufo Addo’s campaign manager who represents the Anomayea constituency in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, that Akufo Addo has been paying some constituency chairmen five million cedis monthly allowances including the first and the second vices who are also being paid three million each and the youth organizers are being paid two million each. If one is to compare and contrast all this money Akufo Addo is spending across the various constituencies it would send a wrong message to the political system in the country on how ambitious Akufo wants power. Ladies and Gentlemen, Akwasi Pratt’s dirty strategy aimed at the vice president and Alan Kyerematen will fail the delegates will see through Akwasi Pratt nefarious plans which are a doomed to fail. Alan Kyerematen will overcome the big hurdle in the race from his adversaries

Recently, Akufo Addo and his NPP cronies were trying to form an Alliance. Hackman Owusu has rejected their ideas because Akufo Addo wanted to lead the group. Mr. Hackman believes that this alliance will not be healthy for the entire party in the general election. The Former Parliamentary Affair Minister, Felix Akwasi Owusu Agyepong, who has now joined Akufo Addo, is another big money spender but Akwasi Pratt is not saying anything about it. I will assure Akwasi Prett that his intense negative pressures on the vice President and Alan Kyerematen will backfire on him on December 22nd 20007. Akwasi Pratt thinks his monopolization of discourse and his manipulation of air waves language against the vice and Alan will be left unchallenged. I urge all Ghanaians not to take Akwasi Pratte thug-like intimidation seriously because his dirty mouth is poisonous against the NPP Party. These will never flogging his dead horse CPP party to come to power. Akwasi Pratt unfounded accusation and propaganda is nonsense. All Ghanaians who are interested in the progress and bright future of our dear Ghana hope the CEO of the Peace FM radio station will oust Akwasi Pratt from the political syndicate morning show in which he spews his political filth.

Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi