Premier league is not about qualification ...

Mon, 25 Aug 2014 Source: Kwabena Appiah

sake alone but how best ones preparation is.

The league survival depends on so many factors and it takes good managerial skills to attain that.

Ghanaian league goes with survival for the fitters tag and it goes beyond the past records and big appellations.

For the first time in ten years,The people of Brong Ahafo ,are happy and eagerly awaiting the survival of one time soccer apostles, but for what l have witnessed in just a few months after the team had gotten the needed qualification,l must say further of it would send them back to the wilderness.

To start with,Cape Coast camping of the team is a wayward track of a decision.Traveling all the way from Sunyani to cape coast for camping is a time wasting and resources.The team needs their supporters by their side at their training grounds where effective contribution in terms of encouragement and financial means would rather spark the players on than moving to an isolated place like cape coast.l do, agree the team might need concentration but the timing of it is also important because at home the team can enriched themselves with the help of the supports attraction at training grounds.

Also,the registration of the entire 21 players offering just one year contract is an administrative bankruptcy.

l have never seen some before in association football by any club except B.A United current administration.

All the 21 register players given 1 year contract means the performance of all the players are at par so if the season finishes they can all walk away as free agents without any benefit to the club.The club is not for business purpose,they must set an agenda which is going to keep them in the league for long because such little errors will one day depict an adage had l known------

Again,The communication aspect of the team must be strong.The team must be globally enhanced with strong publicity.B/A United, as at now lacks even common Wikipedia.Experience and a skilled communication team should be in place in order to market the team well.Gyambolee,as part of communication team would not have time to execute the job because of the type of the work he does,his personal job as a baker will drain all his time.

Just appointed member to this same field,Asamoah Emmanuel,though sports analyst, is of operational job rather than communication member,he is familiar to the Sunyani and its environs, so by nature he can organize supporters and ways and means of the team progress because the communication aspect is more sensitive area of any team.Lastly,there is little bit division within the team.There is on going impasse between the coach Fimpong Manso and one goalkeeper Zack,which if not solved would rebelliously brings retaliation from the section of support base,New town supporters to be precise.These above mention factors must be noted with an eagle eye else sankabere will once again caught up with B.A United.l am done

Source: Kwabena Appiah