Presby Moderator is hot

Fri, 26 Jul 2013 Source: Akyeampong, Emmanuel

The Presbytery Chairperson,
Asante Presbytery, Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Kumasi.

My attention has been drawn to a misleading article authored by Rev. Benson Osafo Kantanka in respect of the the above which has been placed on your website and circulated to the media and wish to respond as follows:

a]I do not want to be associated with the article on the above which was published by the Enquirer and would have expected the leadership of the Asante Presbytery particularly the Chairperson Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong and Clerk Rev.Benson Osafo Kantanka to have shown leadership and pastoral maturity before coming out hurriendly to please their master the Moderator.The question one would even ask is Did the two officers consult their Presbytery Council before issuing the statement.

b]My motivation for revealing the wrongs in the church currently has nothing to do with my wrongful termination of appointment which is being contested at the National Labour Commission but rather to expose senior officers of the church whose action is bringing the church into disrepute.Please bear in mind that as a professional with higher qualifications I have passed the stage where wrongful termination of appointment is a bother and rather all what I am calling for is justice and purity as Martin Luther called for in the early church. Now can you deny any of the following with evidence which I alledged and you claimed are false and should be disregarded by members of the church; 1.The payment of Ghc51,ooo judgement debt by the church to one Mr Darko of Abokobi Farms for wrong ful termination of appointment which has resulted in the spreading of the amount to Districts in the Ga Presbytery to pay.

2.The mismanagement and authocratic tendencies of the Moderator which is killing the church.

3.The immoral lifestyle of the Clerk of General Assembly which is affecting the image of the church[i.e. impregnating his house help,immoral affair with a staff at the GAO office and his attempt to force a lady minister to have an affair with him whiles on a conference with her in Nigeria].I already have all the tapes and would make it available at the appropriate time.

4.The misappropriation of Ghana Aids Commission funds by Rev.Dr.K.Opuni Frimpong

5.The shieiving of the audit report on hymn book sales by Rev Amfo Akonnor

6.The call for audit of the PCG Isreael pilgrimage

7.The call for audit of PREYSA 2012

8.The call for audit on the renovation of Moderator and Clerks residences.

9.Wife abuse by the Moderator

10.Lack of respect by the Moderator toward GAC members

11.Lack of vision by the Moderator

12.The drawing of the church into national politics by the Moderator 4.I still stand by all my allegation and would be glad If you could prove me wrong.Again I am ever ready to debate you with facts at any platform to set the records straight.

Please bear in mind that the PCG is a church of God and as such let our primary objective be toward condeming evil and encouraging righteousness. Members of the church are urged to pray for the church at this critical stage of our history where people who have no knowledge about the church are distroying it. Stay tuned for my next article on the Moderators visit to T.B.Joshua in Nigeria recently to help him to overcome his present situation and the Clerks attempt to woe people to cover up for his immoral activities.

Long Live PCG

Emmanuel Osei Akyeampong[Dr]

Former PRO-PCG 0208434695

Columnist: Akyeampong, Emmanuel