President Ablorh writes: Nana Akufo-Addo never put his job on the line in galamsey fight

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Mon, 10 Feb 2020 Source: Raymond Ablorh

If indeed, the President put his job on the line in the galamsey fight and this is the results we got, what would it have been like had he not put his job on the line?

How could the President's job be on the line when the jobs of his appointees weren't on the line? How possible is that? Isn't their jobs inherent in his job as their appointer?

This is a demonstration of how our President says things he either doesn't understand or mean them. He isn't committed to anything he says. He just talks.

Otherwise, listen to him now in this video attached, what is he saying? Isn't that exactly what his appointees are doing? Are such money seeking people disappointed? No! Absolutely NOT.

We clap and laugh like "Ajas" when we hear such empty flowery speeches.

Sincerely, he's one of the luckiest Presidents we got, not even did John Kufuor who came with a huge goodwill was this lucky that after talking like this, he could go to bed for his people to go on a self-enrichment campaign and when it's time for accountability, people who have been to school and have a lot of certificates will unashamedly come out with their faces uncovered to say that:

1. He wasn't aware

2. He didn't know

3. He wasn't informed

4. He was misinformed

5. Other senseless reasons

If the above are true, do we have a President at all? A President who does not know what's going on in his own administration?

In fact, such excuses are very insulting to the leadership of the President, to say the least.

How could he not know of all what's gone on and is going the galamsey and still not alarmed but this revelation like he was about Nyantakyi's confession about him?

Why is he not taking any serious actions like he did of previous scandals he heard about and jumped up virtually?

Why are all those officials who supervised this stinking mess safe in their offices?

Is this how somebody who has put his job on the line for a cause will react to such a disgraceful happening in his administration?

Pitifully, another group will come and remind us of all the ills that we condemned in the previous administration over this even after the CHANGE of HOPE.

Where is the change?

Is this the change?

Munafiki change!

President Ablorh.

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Columnist: Raymond Ablorh