President Mahama Must Resign With Immediate Effect!

Mon, 9 Feb 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The typical Ghanaian mindedness is something of an enigma to me. When the Ghanaian is knowingly in the wrong, they do not backtrack, but rather persist with whatever they are engaged in. This is often not so with our contemporary Whites.

President John Dramani Mahama is very much aware of how clueless, incompetent, and very unknowledgeable he is managing the affairs of Ghana. He is very much aware of how his actions and inactions have culminated in the rise of institutional corruption in Ghana.

Corruption is the bane of the socio-economic development of Ghana. Being deeply involved in it himself, Ghana under President Mahama has no brighter, but gloomy future. Like a confused river meandering in the Amazon forest of Brazil, South America, President Mahama is totally lost, or is groping his way about, at the presidency. He does not know what he is doing, except being nepotistic, and overflowing of tribalism, in his management of Ghana.

Ghana is sinking economically under him as President of Ghana. He is aware of this truthful fact. If he were a White president in any of the civilized Western countries, he would have resigned long ago. However, being a Blackman with that ridiculous African mentality, or to be more precise, an outrageous typical Ghanaian mindedness, he will continue to his full four-year term. Not only that, he is 100% hopeful of being re-elected in 2016, accorded a second term of another four years to wreak havoc on Ghanaians by raping Mother Ghana in a broad daylight.

With all the corruption strangulating the economy of Ghana, having that catastrophic knock-on effect on the welfare of Ghanaians, I can only call on President Mahama to resign his position honourably. That is the best thing for him to do. He cannot continue to deceive himself thinking all is well with Ghanaians.

Yes, it is well with his family, his NDC cronies, and his paid radio phone-in serial callers who are all of the time supportive of all the rot he is perpetrating and perpetuating, but not with the majority of Ghanaians.

Despite the fact that he has the mandate of the people to rule Ghana for four years, which mandate was of course dubiously acquired via the Atuguba's Supreme Court, he has not the mandate to mess up the economy and the country as he is obviously seen to be doing.

He MUST tender his resignation with immediate effect. He is just a flop, a disgrace to Ghana to have such a totally clueless and incompetent person to manage her affairs.

The mandate given to him was not meant for collapsing the country as he is doing with his preposterous attitudes of "yen ntie obiaa"; slacken as his behaviours are.

He who does not know, and knows not that he does not know, is a fool. Does President Mahama not know that he is collapsing the economy of Ghana by his lackadaisical and corrupt attitudes?

If he refuses to go, the public outcry must be intensified to compel Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence in him. But will the roguish foodie NDC parliamentarians have the balls to do same as requested? They probably won't.

If he refuses to leap, he has to be pushed!!!!

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson