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President Mahama, You Are A Dishonest Man

By Kwadwo Poku

Out of respect for the dead, I have been silent for the past month concerning the political happenings across the fruited plains of our dear nation but there comes a time when one can't take it anymore and will have to respond and respond swiftly. Since the passing of Mills, the utterances of Mahama have exposed his dishonesty towards the nation. After knowing perfectly well that Mills was battling a terminal ailment, he looked at Ghanaians in the eyes and told us he never imagined being president under Mills' death circumstance whilst he had been rehearsing for the take over.

Then the disrespect shown to Mills' only child at the funeral which in my estimation shows how heartless Mahama is. We were told Sam Atta Mills did not read his prepared tribute because they were behind time and hungry, then in his bid to do damage control, the deputy information minister who needs a dose of public relations and education on the purview of the executive branch of our government said not only were they behind time and hungry, but the military was in charge and would not let him. Folks, the head of the military is the commander in chief who happens to be the president. Having established this fact, are they trying to tell us Mahama couldn't exercise executive authority by overruling the military? What a joke! The truth of the matter is that, they capitulated to the demands of Mills wife and blamed it on hunger, time and the military.

Now Mahama who thinks he is qualified and best suited to be elected come December by virtue of his questionable age and the death of his predecessor has begun taking advantage of the political illiteracy that abounds in the country. For the past couple of weeks he's been on a campaign tour of the entire nation which is disguised as a thank you tour. He claims after every funeral, family members thank all who supported personally, hence his tour but the last time I checked Mills and Mahama don't relate. Even if we are to buy this fish story, why is there not a single solitary family member of Mills joining him on the thank you tour. It is also worth asking whether he will be traveling to all the countries whose representatives were on hand for the funeral to say thank you. This is a very dishonest man, taking advantage of a naive and credulous people just to put it bluntly. If he could waste national resources and precious time on a redundant phrase that could merely be dished out on air by traveling to every region in the nation to say thank you as he cunningly claims, then Ghanaians are of all nations most miserable.

If Ghanaian coffin makers and grave diggers cannot be entrusted the service for a befitting burial of our late president, why should we entrust the stewardship of the entire nation in the hands of this man who has just proven to continue the subtraction of our GDP. If he couldn't stand up for a grieving son to read a 5 minute tribute at the funeral service of his dad, can he stand up for 22 million plus Ghanaians when push comes to shove? If he couldn't help secure proper health care for Mills as his vice but allowed him die under an embarrassing circumstance, what hope is there in his leadership? President Mahama, let me tell you something, with all due respect to the office you hold, dishonesty and deception towards a gullible people are not the hall marks of a good leader.

Kwadwo Poku NY

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

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