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President Mahama, act now to save Ghana football

Wed, 13 Feb 2013 Source: Afevi, Kormi

For far too long, self-seeking incompetent individuals masquerading as football officials have hijacked our football to satisfy their selfish interests whiles the Ghanaian public suffers one heartache after the other.

In typical quid pro quo fashion, these selfish individuals guarantee the survival of the GFA president whiles in return the FA boss appoints them to various influential decision making bodies where our football is manipulated to their satisfaction. Such is the power wielded by this mafia that even serials callers are dedicated to promote its course.

Nyantekyi and his bunch of hangers on have turned our football into an arena of incompetence and mediocrity. This explains why an ex-footballer, who was working in London as a security guard as late as 2006, is now the coach of our national team. No disrespect at all to Kwesi Appiah but we have all learnt from the Burkina Faso match that management comes with decisive decision making sometimes under pressure. At the top level, a lot of experience is required to succeed.

What the hell was the FA doing in South Africa with the so called chairman of the media committee and the FA PRO falling over each other for space to communicate on behalf of the team?

Local football is a pale shadow of its former self and our FA is only interested in one of the national teams instead of paying attention to football at the grassroots.

The likes of the illiterate George Afriyie and his ignorant colleagues on the malfunctioning FA or Black star management committee have become very influential manipulating the selection of players, lobbying for players to be dropped unfairly to settle personal vendettas. To aid them continue this mischief, they have succeeded in positioning themselves in both major political parties in order to be on the safe side no matter which political party is in power.

Nkrumah won us two trophies, Gen Acheampong one and Djato one. Today we remember these leaders anytime we recall these victories. It is time for President Mahama to descend on these football businessmen by initiating urgent reforms in the way football is run in the country. We need a team of experienced ex-footballers and stakeholders to constitute the FA management committee. Let them run again to their corrupt overlord in Switzerland and we will rally around our government in the face of the so called ban threats. Even if it takes a couple of years of isolation from International football to weed out these thieves from football in Ghana, so be it!

Kormi Afevi


Columnist: Afevi, Kormi