President Mahama is Just Being Senseless

Wed, 3 Apr 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

"What goes around, comes around", so a popular saying goes. I can hardly understand the wisdom in a recent accusation President Mahama levelled against the Ghana media houses. I am not being disrespectful to him, neither do I seek to underrate the intelligence of this Ghanaian born in 1959, a true son of "Ama Ghana", but I can hardly make head and tail of what he intends communicating to Ghanaians.

The Gold Coaster from Kumawu/Asiampa will never spare him if he errs although, "to err is human". I would like my readers to note and understand the essence of, "Spare the rod and spoil the child". President Mahama is in a no-win situation wherever he goes on the issue I am warming up myself, pulling up my sleeves, and looking forward to discussing. I am momentarily going in circles, hoping to arouse the interest and curiosity of my readers. Am I a kill-joy for President Mahama? No! I am only telling him the truth as he so desires.

President Mahama accuses the Ghana Media Houses, especially the radio stations, of being lazy, the way they host their morning sensational programmes. He blames them for not making any or much efforts to use such programmes and platforms to advance the cause of Ghana in seeking unity amongst the various diverse tribes, economic prosperity for all, social and political cohesion among Ghanaians but rather, using the opportunity to set the nation asunder, pitting one against the other. He said, instead of using their programmes as platforms to instigate catfights and insults among radio phone-in serial callers, they had better do something differently beneficial.

Yes, Mahama is right but only to a limited extent. I will explain myself shortly. I will not drag him to the cleaners to be laundered today but simply take him to show the door of the laundry and advise him to behave himself else, he will be washed clean by the cleaners. Some readers may think Rockson is not serious. I am only spicing up the story, intending to entice the victim before the killer blow is delivered if at all there is any today.

Are not the NDC government and party sponsoring those innumerable radio phone-in serial callers to not only throw dust in our eyes but also, insult their political opponents, especially the NPP? Did Atta Mills/Mahama-led NDC government not in a Budget Statement presented to the nation in 2012 by Dr. Kwabena Duffour, the Finance and Economic Planning Minister, allocate some money to the Ghana media? Was it not the intention of the government to indirectly influence the media to get them on her side, tout the NDC policies regardless how hollow, doubtful and crazy they may be?

Where has President Mahama been all this while that Allotey Jacobs, that toady ugly man with a nose like a frog on its marks ready to jump, insulting people and lying to the nation on such radio morning shows? Was President Mahama not supportive of Kwesi Pratt insanely defending him and all NDC policies in spite of his defence cloaked in lies and simply an attempt to take Ghanaians for fools?

President Mahama has supported and rewarded numerous NDC "educated illiterates", rented press and rented persons for lying to Ghanaians in the hope of elevating the NDC above all her rival political parties. Has he not rewarded Baba Jamal with a Deputy Ministerial post? Was it not Baba Jamal who sat every morning on Peace Fm flagship morning show "Kookrokoo", admonishing NDC supporters to tell Ghanaians that if President Mills bought them a sheep, they should say it is a cow; if he bought them a fiat or VW saloon car or an old banger, they should say it is a new 4x4 car?

President Mahama and NDC party and government have mentored, encouraged, and rewarded numerous radio station phone-in serial callers to lambast the NPP, especially Nana Akufo Addo. Now that his evilness is coming back to bite him quick and hard, he is not only crying wolf but also, insulting the Ghana media, the very platform he had used, or hoped to use, to attain his clueless goals as "President Ebe dii bi keke"

The evil that men do lives after them. President Mahama is suffering from guilty consciousness. He had better apologise to Ghanaians for sinning against us, having indulged in disreputable acts as cited above.

Having done all as stated above in addition to many more others, President Mahama then turns round to bite the very finger that feeds him. However, an adage goes, "Do not bite the very finger that feeds you". Now that Mahama's evil plans have backfired on him, with the radio presenters no longer doing his bidding, he is baring his Dracula vampire fangs at them.

From the above little said about President John Dramani Mahama, do you not agree with me, my noble reader, that, he is simply being senseless? He hasn't seen anything yet. I will come back to question him again about his motives behind rigging election 2012 which indeed, he did rig in his favour, as concluded from empirical observations, evidential facts and circumstantial evidences.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson