President Mahama is a mistake

Sun, 11 May 2014 Source: Agyekum, Ohene

In the past three centuries no country has ever had such a terrible mistake in a leader like Ghana has had in President Mahama as a president. Ghana has regretted in reposing her Sovereign Authority in a president who is becoming an “Acerbic”.

Mr Mahama was the one who told the whole world that, he could not take decisions and that he was indecisive through his own book “My 1st Coup d’état “. So if this man could not even manage his own household due to his inordinate indecisiveness, I wonder why, Ghanaians with such a golden information in a man who became president by virtue of accident bequest the nation’s Sovereign Authority in him? I seriously think the Ghanaian populace and voters’ are careless and share no pains in the nation’s dwindling future.

President Mahama is a terrible mistake Ghana has had as a president; it’s so embarrassing hearing almost every day, provoking, insults and casting of aspersions on the people whom he supposed to lead. I sometimes wonder, if this is a man many political and communication experts have described as a communication extraordinaire and a guru in public speech, some even describe the president as a fine gentle man, well, I differ, because, even my village gone gone beater will not use words such as ‘baloney, what a heck, insulting proverbs and ethnocentric comments which has the tendency of tearing this nation apart.

At a time all the economic indicators are getting out of hands, and almost all pro poor policies brought in by the eight years of John Agyekum Kuffour led NPP government, and corruption in the area of GYEEDA, SUBA, SADA, etc eaten the fiber of the state, to the eaten of the meat to the bone, you have a government led by John Mahama, who careless about it, but find solace in insults, adding salt to already decaying injuries caused by the Mills-Mahama, Mahama-Emissah Arthur government.

Ghanaians must wake up from this docility and face the reality, because this man has shown that he has no clue to the presidency and we cannot exchange the destiny of Ghana to a man who is clueless and behave like a pampered babe whose parents left him with gold yet slept for it to vanish.

Indeed, NDC government has bite the dust, so we must help them out of this country’s affairs come 2016

Governance is a serious mind business and not a child play where “ampe, pilolo, Charles kele” is played.


Ohene Agyekum


Columnist: Agyekum, Ohene