President Mahama must sack Woyongo. His job is untenable.

Sun, 12 Jul 2015 Source: Superior, Musa

Musah Superior

An Interior Ministry; sometimes referred to as Ministry of Internal Affairs or Ministry of home Affairs is a government Ministry typically responsible for policing, emergency management, national security and immigration matters. In some countries, the Ministry is also responsible for the conduct of elections, supervision of local governments and public administration.

The job of the Interior Minister is therefore to secure the country internally.The Minister in the LEAD RESPONSIBLE OFFICER for the Police Service, Fire Service, Immigration Service, etc. It is one of the most high profile jobs in any government the world over. In the UK, the designation is termed as the Home Secretary. In the US, the portfolio is referred to as Secretary for Homeland security.

Those who occupy these crucial roles are normally trusted confidants of the appointing authority. (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings or Queens) depending on the governance structure of the country. Interior Ministers are measured, calm and strategic and security conscious in everything they do. The reason is that, the internal security of their areas of jurisdiction is superintended by them. They are not normally loud or actively available in the media. Their job is to effectively and efficiently manage and supervise their Ministries with high level of professionalism and tact. They do a lot of thinking so as to introduce policies, programmes and innovations to motivate the security agencies on their watch to deliver. Any misstep/miscalculation on the part of the Minister could be detrimental to the Ministry and the country. The peace and security of a country becomes fragile under a poor and unprofessional Interior Ministry.

It is against this backdrop that the Interior Minister, Mark Woyongo's job in untenable. His response (violence begets violence) to the violence in the Talensi by-election is repugnant and totally unacceptable. He lacked tact, diplomacy, demonstrated gross incompetence and poor communication. His remarks suggested that he justified the despicable violence where some Ghanaian citizens were injured and the election nearly marred.

It is absolutely incomprehensible and reprehensible that Mr Woyongo is still at post. This clearly exposes the weakness of our systems and point to our hypocrisy and self-centredness of our government and biases, lack of integrity and gullibility of the media. Elsewhere in a "decent and proper" democracy, Mr Woyongo would have been a goner.

I am worried that we have not heard anything from the Presidency on this vexed matter. I believe the President want to sweep this matter under the rug and allow the status quo. This will be most unfortunate. My position is that, Mark Woyongo must be sacked. He can no longer be trusted with the mandate to lead in the provision of security for the citizens. His comments purely contradicts his mandate.

President Mahama must withdraw his appointment as soon practicable to allay the fears of the people and reassure the business community and foreign investors that our country does not encourage or support gangsterism, hooliganism or thuggery.


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Columnist: Superior, Musa