President Mahama visits Ashanti Region: matters arising

Wed, 30 Apr 2014 Source: Yawose, John

Great and far-sighted projects namely, Dualling of Accra –Kumasi-Techiman Road, Sofoline Interchange, Boankra Inland Port, Kumasi Airport Development all started by the Kufuor administration in Ashanti Region have been abandoned or being approached lackadaisically—(biarabiara attitude) under the Mills/Mahama administrations. The Accra-Kumasi trunk road is of special national importance economically by virtue of the fact that the traffic on it is in the region of around 20,000 vehicles per day and therefore the most trafficked trunk road in the country even with 50 years and more projection.. Common sense should dictate that its development must rank as priority one, in all national development analysis and plans. But alas, not with this vindictive NDC/Mills/Mahama administration which has myopically relegated everything which gives any semblance of advantage to Ashantis to the background albeit to the detriment of the national economy. I am reminded of what Prof Mills referred to as the Great Ashanti Project in Wickileaks- suppression of everything Ashanti. I am also reminded of the condition of the Tema-Sogakope Road during Kufuor’s administration, before its rehabilitation. The deterioration and discomfort on the road never got to even 10% of the present deterioration and inconvenience to motorists on the Nsawam-Suhum –Apedwa Road but Volta Region chiefs and youth continuously harassed Kufuor to fix the Road at all costs- howling, miawing, yelling and charging him that he was reluctant to fix the road because he was on ethnic-suppression agenda. Focused Kufuor knew what he was doing and he fixed the road before he exited from office. How Eastern Region/Ashanti Region chiefs and youth have endured stoically on this bumpy road with feeble and frail protests for 6 years is a mystery. Mills/Mahama administrations have been treated with kid gloves on the Suhum disaster road, despite the blatant example of criminal negligence and insensitivity on the part of the administrations never before experienced in Ghana’s history. The socio -economic cost involved is gargantuan but the insensitive and vindictive NDC/Mahama are still not moved. Wonte gyae—as the Kwahus say. I go on and ask, what new project has Mahama/Mills started in Kumasi since 2009? Is Kumasi not befitting of projects as the 2nd city of Ghana? At least in Accra, we see new projects like Kwame Nkrumah circle, Burma Camp Road, Dansoman Road, Awoshie-Pokuase Road despite the fact that Kufuor administration did the ground work for them. Kumasi has no new project and Mahama thinks Kumasi should forever keep quiet and not complain? The attitude of NDC Ashanti Youth surprises me. They are not known to have ever demanded any project from the NDC government for Ashanti Region since 2009? On the contrary, the NDC Asante Youth are always vociferous and aggressive issuing statements against and warning Akufo Ado, an opposition leader and NPP, who don’t control government business. The NDC youth group led by that Brogya Gyamfi guy, what have they pursued for Asante Region thro’ the NDC government? On the other hand, their counterparts, the NDC Youth in Volta Region have been progressive, demanding and pressurising for projects in Volta Region. They did that under Kufuor administration. They have been doing that under Mills/Mahama. That is positive. But Brogya Gyamfi and his group have been acting tomfoolery and reckless, always issuing statements and calling press conferences to warn Akufo Ado on non-existent, mundane and phantom subjects.

The attitude of the Ashanti NDC top party hacks is negative and selfish. Jammin, Yamoa Ponko, Dr. Opuni, PV Obeng, Kwame Sarpong, Dr. Tony Aidoo, Dr. Christiana Amoako Nuama, Poku, Kojo Bonsu and all the Ashanti NDC sychophants just look on and Asantes just suffer? I hold that they are stomach politicians who don’t have the interest of Asanteman one bit.

Asantehene must also sit up and be bold and tell Mahama that Asantes are strangers on their own land in the NDC regime. (Togbe Afede boldly said this freely of Kufuor administration and that was ok. Why can’t Asantehene say same of Asantes. I expect Asantehene to look in the face of President Mahama and tell him so during his forthcoming visit to the region.) Again, Asantehene must use the opportunity ask President Mahama why there is no Ashanti Region representation in Mahama cabinet of 19 and have it corrected immediately since it is a gross violation of the constitutional stipulation. The only Ashanti Minister in the Mahama administration is of course Dr. Oteng Agyei, Minister of Science and Environment, which is not of cabinet rank.

President Mahama should explain why there is no Ashanti student out of the 100 students on Oil/Gas scholarship in Norway and why out of the 250 medical students on scholarship to Cuba, there are only 3 Ashantis -(Mahama himself, as Veep, did the outrageously lopsided scholarship negotiations) -and why Ashantis are virtually debarred from top echelons of the Military, Police, Immigration, Fire Service, Civil Service , Board Members of Parastatals etc.

At this stage, I take the opportunity to commend Mr Maxwell Kofi Jumah, the former Asokwa MP and Deputy Minister of State for being bold to tell President Mahama that he is discriminating against Ashanti Region. Kofi Kuma contention is that NhHIS capitation being practised in Ashanti Region only is criminal and discriminating. The observation is apt and to the point. I stand up, I stand up for Kofi Juma.

Mahama must know that all the 10 regions are important and have a lot to offer and that it is his responsibility as President to distribute the national cake with equity and create the environment for the smooth development of the country.

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John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John