Opinions Tue, 30 Aug 2016

President Mahama was right to hit Nana AKufo Addo

By Yussif, I. D.

Humans are creatures of habit with an insatiable need to see familiarity in other people's actions. Your predictability gives them a sense of control.

President Mahama has always been at the receiving end of Nana Akufo Addo and his NPP's insult. They called him names, incompetent and what have you , accused him sleeping with Charlotte Osei the chairperson of the electoral commission before appointing her as the chairperson of the commission.

Each and every day , they will accuse him of one thing or another. He never responded to any of the accusations and insults. By not responding to them he has got the power, I am not talking about his constitutional powers mandated to him as President but by pretending not to have noticed their mischief, he has neutralised the effect of what they seek to achieve.

As a president, there is no need for him to stoop so low to respond or insult back. So NPP mistook it to be predictability feeling they are at liberty to insult and call him names, after all, there's no need for him as a president to respond.

President Mahama as humble and wise as he is known to be, decided to turn the tables: he deliberate became unpredictable, he intentionally put up a behaviour that seems to have no consistency or purpose and as we all saw, it kept NPP off-balance and they continued wearing themselves out trying to explain his moves.

Taken to an extreme, this strategy really intimited and even terrorised them. They went as far as organising press conference over just Nana Addo is a dictator said by president Mahama.

Understand : animals behave in set patterns, which is why we are able to hunt and kill them. Only man has the capacity to consciously alter his behaviour, to improvise and overcome the weight of routine and habit. Yet NPP does not realize this power. They prefer the confort of routine, of giving in to the animal nature that has them repeating the same compulsive actions time and time again.

They do this because it requires no effort., and because they mistakenly believe that if they do not unsettle President Mahama, they will be left alone and remain in opposition and some members of the same party will be satisfied and even make it a joke.

A person of power can sometimes make opponent furious by deliberately opening a hole in his reputation to keep the initiative on his side, he sometimes has to strike without warning to make his opponent tremble when he least expect it.

President Mahama, has really stir up the water and he really has caught the fish. He has known that anger and emotion are strategically counterproductive, he has always stayed calm and objective. But somewhere along the line made Nana Addo and NPP angry while he continue to stay calm himself, he gained a decided advantage. We all saw and heard what Nana Addo has to say.

I will not insult Mahama back and this is a clear manifestation of the pain of opening his armour by President Mahama. Mahama has really put him and NPP off-balance. He John Mahama has really found the chink in their vanity through which he can rattle them and he is on top, I mean he holds the strings.

All these strategies should have been for NPP. They have enough time to think but it's rather the NDC who are busy working for the nation that are making use of this kind of strategies.

On several occasions, when the finance minister Seth Terkpe appears before Parliament, he most often didn't give the detail of the budget and made it not the way they expected it and we have heard them the (opposition) saying a lot of things and in the end exposed their ignorance on some aspects of the economy and he the minister in the end comes back to lecture them.

Finally, NPP to be honest has not been doing enough as an opposition, no meaningful aligations , we do not see anything relevant coming from you. Be responsible before ghanaians would be compelled to call you Noisy neighbours.

Columnist: Yussif, I. D.