President Mills Drowning In Corruption?

Thu, 10 May 2012 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

By: Stephen A.Quaye

An old Ghanaian proverb advice goes like this,” What tastes very sweet in a goat’s mouth is what pains or burns his backside when it is coming out”.

Oh you do not know this? Just fetch a bowl of salt and place it before your goat and see what happens. The sweetness of the salt will let it chew and continue to chew without anything stopping it from chewing.

Days after chewing the salt what happens ”meeee” you are right, bleating in the morning, bleating in the afternoon, bleating in the evening and in fact it will bleat to make the owner feel disturbed until everything comes out from its stomach and makes it free from pain.

That is what is happening to many NDC activists right now which they claim was being lead by corrupt leaders of NPP and did all that they could to wrest power from and they did exact that in 2008 general elections.

President John Evans Atta Mills campaigning for the presidential seat in 2008 general elections tagged president Kufuor and almost all NPP ministers, party activists even ordinary people working under the government as corrupt.

Read Professor Mills lips at the time,” dem Kufuor nene NPP fo na, woye awefo nkotee” to wit, Kufuor and his ministers were all corrupt stealing states money all the time.

Based on this accusations he called on all Ghanaians to reject the bid of Nana Akuffo Addo who was the NPP presidential candidate claiming handing over from one NPP president to another NPP president would mean from corruption to corruption which when elected as president would uproot corruption.

“Se ame mebaa, kronobo ne ketease ashe na owo NPP aban nomu no ame metow ase see hu” to wit,” when elected as the president, I and my government will never condone stealing, conspiracy to steal and corruption. I will uproot corruption at once.

So having giving all Ghanaians such assurance that got him the mandate we have the right to assess the situation currently in the country four years since he took over as the president after the NPP government handed over to him.

Has the siphoning of millions of cedis from state coffers stopped? Has the official corruption he and his NDC government were accusing the NPP government gone away?

Maybe the question can be simple if asked this way:”na woatu kronobo ne keteasse ashe no ase anaa?” has he been able to uproot corruption as he assured all before ascending to the nation’s seat?

Your answer is as good as my. Take the issue concerning Muntaka Mohamed and his Sports Ministry financial discrepancies for example and the way he handled it. Again take the issue about Stan Dogbe and his presidential hampers and how he handled it and then take the issue about Woyome and the judgment debt and how he is handling it.

Less than four years in office as president, Ghanaians can count as many as three scandals all going in the names of those who committed those crimes which are Muntakagate, Dodgegate and Woyomegate which all tells you about the rate of corruption in the country.

One could imagine when Woyome conspired with those equally corrupt people to steal the state the great happiness that fills his heart. As no body saw him or had a hint of it he went ahead chewing the state money ”grabu grabu grabu” like goat chewing salt forgetting that it was going to burn his asshole when coming out one day right?

After he was caught and feared thrown to jail for the rest of his life or serving greater part of the rest of the years ahead of him, he started gritting his teeth and making noise around like the goat bleating running from one corner to the other all to make sure he disentangle himself from the corruption web he finds himself now.

As breaking news has it that a group of Ghanaians in the U.S OF A, are pushing forward to petition president Barack Obama to press on president Atta Mills to make the judgment debt beneficiary pay back the money, let all be warned what is not due you, can never be enjoyed.

Let all be warned by what Proverbs Chapter 20:17 say “bread gained by falsehood is pleasurable to a man, but afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel”.

Earning income is a necessary part of life where every individual have a responsibility before God to provide for himself and his families according to 1-Timothy 5:8.

But what if obtaining money and the things it can buy becomes more than just a means of sustaining life? What if it becomes your purpose in life? Those whose primary objective is to gain wealth find it easier to resort to dishonesty to get it.

They may not realize until it is too late like Woyome that honesty robs them of true success. Furthermore the book of life [BIBLE] says the love of money causes many pains.

These entire aside one can observe that the president for quite some time now has ceased talking about corruption and his effort to uproot the canker from the country as he promised during the 2008 electioneering campaigns.

The simple reason is that he the president is seriously drowning in corruption as his followers are being caught day in and day out involving themselves in scandals.




Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.