President Mills Was Misunderstood - NDA

Mon, 22 Aug 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

There are a lot of things nature teaches us. One of them is that, when a dog is on

his own compound he can bark at anything small or big. In the language of the dogs,

bravity is exhibited in ones own house. So is it that President Mills can stand at

the world bank of his party and open his mouth as loud as he wish. He was sure of

the galvanised seal built around him by enthusistic die hard voltarian supporters.

The ecstacy made him utter words that people read different meanings into. I

can't believe he said he will hand over a peaceful Ghana in 2017. No he

couldn't have said that. 2012 is closer than 2017.

Prior to the 18th of August 2011 when president Mills made this infamous

declaration, he had been asked by journalists on different platforms for his

intentions with regard to the conduct of the upcoming 2012 elections. The president

conspicuously refused to answer the question until when he was in "The Eyigbe

Peoples Church" in Ho, the regional capital of the NDC strongest hold. His

declaration, expectedly, was met with wild cheers from the "Eyigbe" dominated

congregation. If he had dared saying those same words in another place, he could

have been linched, trust me. Where one speaks is very important. The place where

he made this unguarded declaration is very significant. He did not declare it

throughout his tour of all the other regions, but in the Volta Region. And it was

wise he did it where he know they will urge him on for whatever he says.

Two and half years into office, Ghana has become so polarised that all well wishers

are sitting on tenterhooks as everyday seem to threaten our peace with violence from

nothing else than NDC foot sodier nonsense. As he was in Volta promising a 2017

peacedul handover some citizens of this country carying out their normal dutiea at

Ashaiman lorry park were being harrased and chased out of their offices and from

their posts. And that is the peaceful Ghana he was promising to leave behind. A

Ghana where any four boys can shout at the president and he will panick into firing

his ministers, MCEs and DCEs. A peacful Ghana when peaceful demonstrators are

arrested in the same place he was doing this declaration. A peaceful Ghana where

agrieved teachers and fishermen are made to face the tear gas for daring to soeak

their minds. A peaceful Ghana where ordinary Assembly member elections could be so

chaotic that authorities will come admitting things did not

go well. People did not hear him well.

When percived opposition members' car doors are broken and their laptops and pen

drives taken away, can he say he will be handing over a peaceful Ghana? When

members of his own party who happen to sympathise with his opponent in primaries are

arrested without any charges and thrown behind police bars, do he call that a

peaceful Ghana. Unless of course the president has another meaning of peace, just

as Anyidoho has a different meaning for token, I cannot believe that he will call

Ghana a peaceful place when people are killed in broad day light and still walk our

streets free. A Ghana where suspected murders are found under the beds of ministers

can by no means qualify as a peaceful country.

If the first two and half years of a Mills led NDC has brought Ghanaians all the

horrible incidents we have witnessed with our own eyes, then I wonder what Ghana

will be like if he really meant that 2017. Consider the chaos in his own party

alone. The division in the country; how people are forcibly chased out of their

offices and replaced by NDC sympthisers, how justice has been so partial that when

you even kill an opposition member you go scot free but you don't dare suggest

that somebody burnt down his own house from your circumstancial evidence. Fear and

panick law will be quickly remembered. In this short time we have witnessed brutal

violence from murders to the burning down of properties. If this is what he will be

handing over how can he still say he is handing over the same Ghana Kuffour handed

over to him. What he said was he will be handing over a pieces Ghana if he happens

to stay till 2017 which he knows is absolutely impossible.

We all know the president has a special way of pronouncing his words. His economy

could be another thing else. The same his piece may have been wrongly taken as

peace. The president is aware that if things continue the way they are being run

now, Ghana will be shattered if he should get another two years. Deep throat

sources say he even wanted to throw in the towl but those in charge of the

government won't allow him to. Yes he wanted to step aside because some people

are eating into his beards. Those people are really building the mansions whilst he

is given just "tokens". With the state of Ghana today I don't know where Pres

Mills can gather that courage and predict a win in 2012. He was totally

misunderstood. Even in his hallusination, it can't come out of his mouth. 7th

January 2012 is a break of a new dawn where some fresh ideas will be brought on

board to steer this country to the path of development in freedom.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame