President Mills Was Murdered To Keep NDC In Power

Thu, 4 Oct 2012 Source: Sarpong, Justice

"The death of President Mills was timely and represented a change of the baton to a ‘younger generation", ----President Mahama----

Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons and no matter how long it takes, the truth about the demise of President Mills will finally come out but snippets of information we know and the whisppers from the grapevine indicates that, President Mills did not die due to natural causes despite his frail health due to the ravages of throat cancer. Why will NDC kill Mills? In Mills, NDC saw their political power slipping away if he stays on the ballot for the December 7th 2012 as their Presidential candidate. Despite their public pronouncements that President Mills was going to win the elections, their own internal information showed that, with Mills, NDC was going to lose massively and these power drunk NDC Politicians were not prepared to go to war with a sick 'General' who was not going to be able to go on the hustings.

President Mills, who was aware about his impending demise because his Doctors in USA told him about how much more he has to live refused to step down and allow his Vice-President Mahama to take over as President and its Presidential candidate because he was miffed about the rumor from Vice President Mahama's office about his death and the fact that, NDC has used him for their own personal gain haven urged him to jog on the Airport tarmac when they knew it was not in his best interest. He was not going to allow NDC to use him like a toilet paper and throw him away after being used. NDC was scared to death Mills might die close to election time which might not give them enough time to 'sell' Mahama to the electorates so a catholicon has to be found and in one of those pharisaical cruelties of which such heartless men are capable of, settled on murder as a last resort. People might be asking who in NDC were going to benefit from Mills death that they will embark on such diabolical route to kill a man who have given them political power. Just by reading what was said by some NDC Officials will tell you who stood to benefit from Mills death.

"The death of President Mills was ‘God-sent’ because if he had died later than the time he died, the political fortunes of the NDC would have been affected." ----Anita Desouza, NDC National Women Organizer---- , "The death of President Mills was timely and represented a change of the baton to a ‘younger generation", ----President Mahama----

"The death of President Mills was Divine intervention that would propel the NDC to greater heights " ----Former President Rawlings----

The above gloating of President Mills death by the three individuals and many more that are not cited here indicate that, the death of President Mills was a welcome relieve to those individuals who stood to benefit from his death.Even before the death of President Mills, there was a justling for pole position for the Vice-Presidential slot. No wonder whippers were heard from the Vice President office which at that time was occupied by Mahama that, President Mills will not return from his New York medical check up. Why did the Vice President Office start the rumor of President Mills death which was blamed on NPP? Even Koku Anyidoho INFORMER Newspaper told Ghanaians that the rumor of President Mills death originated from Mahama's office, likewise Dr Kwabena Adjei, the NDC National Chairman too said the rumor of Mills death originated from the Castle and the question that comes to one's mind is WHY? Why did the NDC start wishing for Mills to die especially when the rumor originated from Mahama's office?

Why can't the officials even tell us what Mills died of? We have heard about his death being due to a massive stroke. We all know nobody can have a massive stroke and raise both hands and start talking as Mills supposedly did. Why did Mills have a boldly written note on his desk, "I AM THE PRESIDENT"? Who was challenging his authority for him to make that assertion? The Castle can't even tell us the exact time of his death neither can they tell us whether President Mills was conveyed to the hospital in an ambulance or he was loaded into a 4x4 vehicle in a sitting position without a Doctor or Police Motorbike riders to take him to the hospital. Why was the Presidential Ambulance missing from the Castle the day of President Mills death?

The Conspirators cannot even get their stories strait we are being told President Mills was conveyed to the hospital in an ambulance with Paediatricians attending to him? Why Paediatricians? The man was 68 years old why did he need Doctors speacialized in Children care? No wonder he ended up at the Maternity care entrance instead of the Emergency entrance. Does the Castle want to tell us they did not know the Emergency entrance of the 37 Military hospital?

Now President Mills is buried and we don't know what killed him since we have no record of the autopsy. The Conspirators think they have got away with murder but the truth will come out no matter how long it is going to take and we will see how wicked and power drunk these NDC People are.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice