President Mills is a Complete Joke

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

As an officer without ability to command is a joke, so is President Mills. President

Mills has proved beyond reasonable doubt the unimaginable gargantuan degree of his

incompetence, hypocrisy and non-statesmanship. His propensity to lend support to

acts of corruption has lately become too glare for even the blind person to


One wonders how a self-acclaimed "Asomdwehene", a supposedly mannerly person of

distinction, continually fumbles attempts to prove his worth, credibility and

integrity to the governed. Ever since Ghanaians handed him the reins of government,

President Mills has never been able to convince us he is capable of the supreme duty

so conferred upon him. He is not in control of anything except dancing to the pulls

of the strings by his equally incompetent and corrupt government appointees.

The chronology of acts of failures registered to his name is too long to write, and

so many to remember. He is not any different from the mushroomed Ghanaian pastors

who preach virtue at daylight but commit vices at the fall of darkness. Not long

ago, he employed one Carl Wilson, an expert conman to steal cars from Ghanaians to

share among NDC gurus. While the public outcry over the socio-economic ruins Carl

Wilson was inflicting on Ghana by his daylight robbery, President Mills sat unmoved,

deaf and dumb, until elbowed by the NDC foot soldiers to react. When his

much-appointed State Ministers are insulting people, he goes on television, radio

and newspapers to appeal to Ghanaians to shun politics of insults. What a shambolic

President without hard balls dangling in-between his legs but traces of shrunk

balls. Why does he feel so incompetent to take decisions himself?

Alfred Agbesi Woyome, a crook turned NDC financier connives with Betty Mould-Iddrisu

to swindle Ghanaians of GHC 58 Million or GHC 92 Million. The President in an

attempt to outsmart Ghanaians but in effect exhibiting his ignorance and hidden

corrupt attitude, makes ironic statement in support of his financier, Alfred Agbesi

Woyome. Ghanaians will hold President Atta Mills accountable for his dismal

administration that has allowed his government appointees to insult the intelligence

of Ghanaians by inflicting unprecedented acts of corruption on Mother Ghana.

A lone voice crying in the wilderness, seeking to rescue Ghana from its disastrous

socio-economic visitation has been silenced by President hate-the-truth Atta Mills.

The Attorney General Martin Amidu had vowed to expose, prosecute and jail some

tainted NDC government appointees behind the notorious "Woyomegate" scandal.

President Mills fearing looming exposure with possible impeachment hastens to sack

him but keeps groping in the dark when it comes to disciplining his Ministers.

I cannot wait to see the day that Ghanaians will drag President Mills with his bunch

of corrupt mediocre government appointees to court in handcuffs to answer for

charges of corruption. That day is not far off. The NDC's Institute of Corruption

headed by Principal Alfred Agbesi Woyome will close down in December 2012 on request

by discerning Ghanaians. The powerful thumbs of Ghanaians will escort out of the

School's premises, tutors Atta Mills, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, Alex Segbefia, Akyena

Brentuo and Barton-Oduro for not performing satisfactorily at their posts. All the

students of the school, the corrupt government appointees will be sent packing,

hurtling down the roads to their villages with their tails tucked firmly in-between

their legs as does a frightened dog flushed out of their hideout.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson