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President Mills summons Woyome's Accomplices to a Roll Call

Sat, 11 Feb 2012 Source: Rockson Adofo

In the wake of the arrest of the gargantuan Swindler, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, President Mills has summoned all the likely Woyome's accomplices to a roll call. He attends, calling out the names and ticking off the connivers for immediate arrest. Nerquaye-Tetteh! Present Sir! Gifty Nerquaye-Tetteh! Present Sir! Asimenu! Present Sir! Ebo Barton-Odro! Akyena Brentuo! Alex Segbefia! Kwabena Duffour! Betty Mould-Iddrisu! Yaw Boateng Gyan! "Budinn", thus, no response. They did not attend because they are not guilty, thus, not fully implicated but partially.

Those not responding failed to attend even though their names were and are still on the sheet as possible suspects for aiding and abetting the "woyomized" gargantuan crime. I would normally expect President Mills to have called out his name, Atta Mills! Then responded, Present Sir! Is he not the Head accomplice since he has personally benefited from that fraudulently judgment debt paid to Woyome?

This roll call reminds me of the late Kwasi Mmorosa from Kumawu-Wonoo. He was the supervisor, and in charge of the then Kumawu Local Council labourers during the reign of the late Ex-President Kwame Nkrumah. Whenever the workers attended daily early morning roll call prior to starting their job, Mr. Mmorosa would call out their names to tick off those present. He started as following, Atongu! Present Sir! Kofi Manu! Present Sir! Bosanga! Present Sir! He went on in that order until he had called out all names on the sheet. In the end, he would say, "Me a ra Kwasi Mmorosa! Present Sir! He would always at roll calls call out his name and responded, Present Sir! I would have expected President Mills to do same as did Mr. Mmorosa. I believe President Mills is as guilty as all those arrested for complicity in the Woyome saga. He may even be far worse than they may.

With the passage of time, the truth will out to implicate President Mills. He lied to the nation that he never knew about the payment until it became public knowledge. However, the EOCO have stated in their interim report that President Mills tried twice in vain to stop the payment of the GHC58 Million to Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Woyome is now languishing in Police cells far away from the comfort of his criminally acquired wealth.

President Mills' actions also remind me of once the Akyem Oda District Commissioner, Kwame Kwakye, in President Nkrumah's time. Kwame Kwakye made a mockery of himself when the attending Government Minister was about to introduce him at the gathering. He called him out as, "Kwame Kwakye the District Commissioner" "Budinn" – thus, no response. Kwame Kwakye the District Commissioner, "Budinn" Then the announcer turned to him and asked, "Are you not Kwame Kwakye the District Commissioner?" He responded, "No, I am not Kwame Kwakye the District Commissioner but I am Kwame Kwakye the D.C"

Currently in Ghana, when you happen to meet President Mills and you say, Atta Mills, the President of the Republic of Ghana, he will be looking at you as though he has lost his sense. When you repeat, he will tell you, "No, I am not Atta Mills the President of the Republic of Ghana but I am Atta Mills the President of the NDC. What a joke. Atta Millls, Father-for-all indeed!


Columnist: Rockson Adofo