President, NDC Chair & Gs: Embarrassing Ghanaians

Mon, 26 Jan 2015 Source: AFAG

In a country with high budget deficit, over taxation, high unemployment and cost of living, Mr. Kofi Portuphy, the national chairman of the NDC without any disaster occurring could spend in excess of 300 million GHS as relief items in the last quarter of 2012. Ghostly as this expenditure was, we are yet to know of Mr. Portuphy's response to Dr. Kwabena Adjei's allegation that, he paid over 5000Ghs to each delegate at their last national congress to delegates. Where that NADMO funding went to, and how Mr. Portuphy got funded for his NDC's chairmanship race, remain questionable.

This not withstanding, the president see no need in giving him a sack. Getting rid of Mr. Portuphy is inexcusable. Mr. President, it appears Ghanaians must draw your attention on virtually every issue for a decision to be taken under your reign? This situation unnecessarily brings to contention, your depth of appreciation of good governance.

Mr. President, your national chairman's behavior is bad example, a mockery to the separation of government in power to party, and a precursor to weakening of state institutions. This is a terrible legacy we advice you not to associate yourself with.

However, according to the BBC, a senior public official at a state visit led by the president John Mahama wore his wife's clothing. Mr. President how on earth can your party general secretary and a member of your cabinet, willfully subject the good people of this country to such great humiliation and remain with you for the entire period of your visit without returning him to Ghana to show leadership. This would have detached government and the good people of Ghana from this all time embarrassing feat chalked by no mean a person than the general secretary of a ruling party.

Mr. President your inability to have returned Mr. Asiedu Nketia on your trip brings to the fore AFAG's position that, you suffer indecision. Also, your inability to press forward or sack your national chairman from NADMO smacks of incompetence.


We demand an unqualified apology from government and the NDC general secretary for embarrassing Ghanaians. Also, Ghanaians are expectant of an ultimatum urging the NDC chairman to pack and leave NADMO immediately.

Columnist: AFAG