President Nana Akufo-Addo a blessing long overdue - Part I

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

“Honourable Nana Akufo-Addo promised to bring back hope to a hapless nation that unruly governance will soon be a thing of the past. He said that his presence at the helm of affairs will set the pace for constant growth. Not only would the foundations for development and success be built, he’ll ensure that rampant rot is uprooted and dealt away with. Well, he made his point, and it is up to the electorate to decide whether they will give him the nod. His vilification comes in the wake of the fact that the corrupt people are shivering from the justice that they will, inadvertently, come face to face with. He is the MAN!” Quote from the bible of Ghana politics, “59 Years to Nowhere and Counting…The Future is Now”.

Thus far, the MAN, who was voted to be the 7th President of the Fourth Republic on December 7, 2016, has lived up to expectation. We have always said that the government would not be an easy one to manage, but his ratings are excellent. So Far So Good! His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo has achieved in nine months what the NDC was unable to in their cursed lifespan of 27 years. Here are some reasons discussed in the same book, “59 Years to Nowhere and Counting…The Future is Now”:

a) “education recently took a slip into relegation, resting disgracefully in a slot at the bottom of the world education chart, thanks to John Mahama’s stupefied Ministry of Education. Mercies!!! Although negligence and wilful corruption were the catalysis for the reversal of Ghana’s literacy fortunes, massive scandals constituted the recipes for this disaster.

Antidote: President Nana Akufo-Addo brought much needed relief with the launching of the Free Quality SHS (Senior High School) that came with healthy food, uniforms, shoes, books, and everything including one bar of healthy Ghanaian chocolate per student.

b) “the demeanour of government can only be described as BELLIGERENT. How else, then, may the behaviour of John Mahama’s government be described in light of the unwarranted scandals such as the squandering of ten million US Dollars on Presidential diaries. Yet dues to Arabic teachers and other Zongo initiatives are not paid for the flimsy reason as lack of money? Free “bonto” cars to curvy ladies and slaving hounds; free laptops to “chooboi” (cheering) supporters;”

Antidote: President Nana Akufo-Addo is in the process of sanitising the system as he restores the cancelled teacher training allowance. He is putting in place a system of ensuring that only competent teachers are employed to teach our future leaders. Arabic teachers are getting their full share of this blessing that John Mahama and the NDC cancelled, and which funds they redirected into their pockets.

c) “The African Development Bank (AFDB) had sent a written notice to the government that Ghana was among a number of countries that were blacklisted due to non-payment of facilities. These loans were accruing interest beyond acceptable limits. The whole NDC setup went bonkers calling Dr Bawumia a liar, again. Then he tendered incontrovertible proof to the nation to substantiate his submission.

Our world came to a screeching halt! Heads were dazed, and eyes rolled in their sockets like a merry-go-round. Truth be told, ideologies, thoughts, and due diligence were thrown up in the air like strewn shreds of hope that cannot be mended. Ghanaians seemed to have lost it! Hope departed noisily through the window like the escape of a faltering thief in the darkness of night. The dreams of Ghanaians were snatched and dismembered; stolen once again!

This came by form of a letter signed and stamped as “original” from the hierarchy of the bank. It would seem that the inefficiency of John Mahama as a President had afflicted every arm of his government and, even, transcended beyond that to the nation because nothing worked; redundancy galore, if you will. It is impossible for efficiency to make manifest in the midst of inaction.”

Antidote: The Economic Management Team under the leadership of His Excellency the Vice President, Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia, has halted the freefall of the economy that was set on that course by the disgracefully ousted NDC President of gross incompetence, John Dramani Mahama. Today, Ghana’s gold reserves have risen to seven billion US Dollars and climbing. Banks that the NDC government was heavily indebted to have been paid off under the competent Presidency of his Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. The dreams Ghanaians once had have resurfaced and they are coming true.

For the unfortunate cases of AFM, “Acute Faculty Malnutrition”, let me explain the import of my article in a few words.

It is not sycophancy. It is a love for the people who uphold truth, accountability, justice, and incorruptibility. An obdurate will to support the mantra, “Making Ghana Great Again!” Sycophancy is rather an NDC symptom of beating the chest in fake love for gluttons who steal our pie and eat without refrain or restrain.

Sycophant(s) is a noun. It refers to the NDC hungry stooges that survive on the scanty crumbs that fall from the mouths of thieves with sharp teeth that feast on our large stolen national pie. Such people are described as “Obsequiously infantile”, “inanely childish”, or “ridiculously incompetent”.


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi