God/Satan struggle is just like NPP/NDC struggle indeed.

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Thu, 9 Oct 2014 Source: Yawose, John

Some nagging issues which have hampered the development of the country can easily be solved to the satisfaction of all Ghanaians but it seems the NDC and their cohorts are always in the way of the progressive solutions. Somehow, they are just not ready. I emphasize that, Ghana’s overall progress is being short-changed by the off-putting stand of the NDC. NDC have mouths - okro mouths, acidic mouths, and evasive mouths - in the system, well versed in propaganda who will describe a black goat as a white cow and an ant as an elephant. NDC are rather unrepentant fifth columnists whose activities work against the national interest.  They play to the gallery just attracting popular votes parading themselves as patriots, playing imaginary tribal victims, hiding behind terminologies as patriots, social democrats and friends of the ordinary man. Liars and pretenders as they are, they own all the lands and posh mansions in East Legon and Trassaco in Accra and the posh areas in the regional capitals, oil businesses and the filling stations. The ordinary man has been attracted to NDC lies in 26 years of PNDC/NDC since 1979 and have these NDC years actually helped the ordinary man? 

On the other hand, NDC confuse the people and portray NPP as capitalists, property owning democrats, elitists, nation wreckers of Matameho stance, exploitative group, and tribal supremacists. Thereby, they turn themselves into holier than thou and rather succeed in dealing heavy blows to the forward march of Ghana. Some people still don’t believe Rawlings and his socialist morons even own properties. As a result, they have delayed Ghana’s progressive development at least since 1979 with their sugary but obnoxious doctrines, policies and declarations.

For instance, they have neglected Accra - Kumasi road for 6 years and rather pursuing the development of less important roads in Ghana for political purposes—thinking they are punishing Eastern and Ashanti Regions. They portray other roads as equally important and Kumasi is not the only city which should be connected with good roads. In the long run, what they have done is to do great damage to Ghana’s overall economy - unknowingly to the ordinary man but of course knowingly to their intellectuals.  Some transportation experts believe that for each month of the neglect of the Nsawam-Suhum-Apedwa Road which takes about more than 15,000 vehicles daily, the cost to the economy is in the region of more than $5m. This translates to about more than $60m annually. This is criminal negligence and in any developed democracy, this matter will have gone to parliament and the matter will be sufficient to bring down the government of the day.

Wicked and insensitive NDC/Mills/Mahama don’t care because they have the mouths to do propaganda to the people to turn the issues upside down to say NPP/Kufuor are rather the cause of the 6- year neglect because they did not vote funds for the construction of that road when they were in power—haaabbaaaa! 

NDC gains short term out of such evil tribal propaganda. They used such silly propaganda to win in 2012 all right but who is hurting the nation in the long run—NDC or NPP?

Several instances can be cited to depict the long term damage, self-seeking NDC are doing to Ghana socio-economic development for selfish and political advantages. NDC did propaganda to get the 4 year SHS reduced to 3 year SHS. My uncle predicts that sooner or later, NDC will be persuaded and the 4 year SHS will be reintroduced. NDC would have reaped all the advantages from their previous inferior 3 year SHS position. I ask again, who is hurting Ghana in the long run - NDC or NPP? Who is myopic, who is blinkered? Another case in point is NDC vehement opposition to the Akufo Ado free SHS during the pre-2012 elections and which they turned round to adopt after winning 2012.We go on.

From all indications, until myopic NDC are persuaded that Ghana’s 275 MPs -- which could grow in another 5 years, are too many, and should be reduced through parliamentary legislations, the reduction idea can never be implemented. By all standards, Ghana is set for a crash with the present system of future mass expansion of the numbers of parliamentarians.NDC continue to be adamant. NDC continue to stand in the way of reordering till thy kingdom come. They will continue to stand in the way of long term progress so long as they have the advantage in the short run –very criminal minds, these NDC. NDC will soon see the light.

My uncle has a list of pertinent issues which have to be tackled and regulated in Ghana to set the stage for Ghana’s real forward march but for NDC adamancy which borders on tribalism, wickedness, lackadaisical approach, mediocrity and desire to exploit the status quo to keep on to power at all costs. My uncle believes if NDC are persuaded about the need for a fundamental and comprehensive National Identification in Ghana, the scheme will be implemented successfully. Other laudable long term schemes which will set Ghana on rational development can only be implemented if NDC abandons their adamancy ,myopic tendencies and self-interest. My uncle has some list including:-

1. The implementation of ROPAAL to empower all Ghanaians throughout the world in universal suffrage.

2. The need to relocate the Ghana capital city from Accra, which is earthquake prone, fully congested because of town planning deficit and very costly hydrological, demolition, chieftaincy and traditional values challenges..

3. The need to cut down some of Ghana’s unhelpful and wasteful many holidays

4. The conscious detribalization of the top hierarchy of the civil service, public service, army, police and security from its existing Ewe/Northern dominance

5. The truly open-heated total overhaul and revision of the 1992 Constitution with a view to solidify it to serve the national interest but not the existing process which is half hearted, half baked, lackadaisical and aimed at protecting personal interests,

6. A comprehensive EC electoral reforms taking cognizance amongst others from the Supreme Court directives arising from the irregularities detected in the last Presidential Elections suit.

However, by all standards, NDC for some unexplained reasons look insincere and jittery anytime these issues are raised. NDC don’t seem to be prepared to want to implement the fundamentals as above for a long term sustainable development of Ghana.They are too bogged down wanting to win political power at all costs and operate in the existing arbitrary, disorderly, mediocre and by-heart environment. NDC is taking too much time to want to conform. NDC don’t you like transformation? Don’t you like prosperity for Ghana? Of what use do you use the power for? What is your vision at all? I condemn them. I equate the happenings in Ghana to the spiritual struggle between Jehovah God and satan. Satan has all the worldly power at his command resisting God left, right and center. God is eventually bound to win and set up the heavenly kingdom but satan just keeps on making things difficult for believers in the interim.

NPP are ready for passionate discussions on the fundamental governing structures with a view to remodeling them to set Ghana on the road to progress. NDC are never ready, always wanting to maximize its advantage in the (status quo) -arbitrariness and disorder. Posterity will be very kind to NPP and condemn NDC. NPP ideas and policies will eventually prevail. Just think about Jehovah/Satan spiritual struggle. It is just like the NPP/NDC physical struggle indeed.

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John