NDC’s “Plan B” to win election 2016 hands down

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Fri, 10 Oct 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

From a very reliable source, President Mahama and the NDC intend to resort to their “Plan B” in the expectation of winning Election 2016 easily and without fail. This decision of theirs comes into play after their “Plan A” was scuppered by the Supreme Court not long ago.

Their “Plan A” was when they plotted with Dr Afari Gyan, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, to accept NHIS cards for registering their holders onto the voters register. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of those challenging the legality of the directive by Dr Afari Gyan to recognise NHIS card as a genuine form of identity that qualifies their holder to be registered biometrically and subsequently issued with a voter’s card.

As I shall be revisiting this topic in detail sometime to come, I shall today, briefly, disclose the “Plan B” as is intended. President Mahama in a secret arrangement with the top NDC brass has agreed to employ some tactic intended to win NDC and him Election 2016 without wiping a drop of sweat from their forehead. They will in the last year or months preceding Election 2016, arrest some MCEs and DCEs already known to have embezzled public funds. He will arraign them and ensure the Courts convict them of theft, corruption, embezzlement etc. They will be jailed.

The NDC will then use it as an effective weapon to campaign for President Mahama to be accorded a second term in office. They will convincingly admirably inform the voters (those that they approach with their campaign messages) that he is the only Ghanaian President who has been able to jail his own party members and appointees for perpetrating corruption. Therefore, he is the only President with the guts to fight corruption.

With this message, they hope Ghanaians will fall for their trick to massively vote to retain NDC in power. They will at the same time use additional means that I shall discuss in future articles to rig the election, hoping the unsuspecting Ghanaian will believe NDC and President Mahama have been retained in power because of their good job done - arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning corrupt officials.

This plan to fool Ghanaians is workable, although, as absurd and nonsensical as it sounds. President Mahama has obsessively teased Ghanaians for having a SHORT MEMORY. His infatuation with this saying means Ghanaians will sooner forget all the problems they are going through once he fools them with his short term election-year solutions of payments of bribe, cutting of swords and borrowing to flood the Ghanaian market with essential commodities etc.

Subsequently, he has decided not to listen to anyone no matter how far they cry and weep tears of scarlet or crimson. He has a proven evidence or track record confirming how Ghanaians cool down quicker when angered, than a whirlwind settles down after its ferocious destructive display, hence his philosophical mantra of “Yen ntie obiara” (we will not listen to anyone). Are Ghanaians too forgiving to not be taken serious by President Mahama and the NDC? Yes, I should think so.

Still on the “Plan B”, all those arrested will be released as soon as President Mahama is re-elected. On the other hand, there will be arranged jailbreaks purposed to get them out, whichever solution is quicker. When the jailbreaks happen, they will blame them on the works of criminals who are sabotaging the good works by the President, although, it has all been arranged to fit into their larger devilish scheme of playing on the intelligence of “Fa ma Nyame” Ghanaians. This is how wise the NDC, their agents and assigns think they are.

God reveals to redeem. Because God has his order and time of doing things, now every plot by the NDC is revealed as soon as they hatch it. Does it tell them anything? God is proving to them that man cannot fool Him in any way. The NDC’s propositions are being disposed by God.

Would President Mahama answer the following questions if indeed, he is doting on the spelt out “Plan B” directed at deceiving or fooling Ghanaians?

• Does he still find it intelligent taking Ghanaians for fools until thy Kingdom come?  • Why does he intend to wait until election period to start arresting and jailing those who are well known to, or are perceived by, the public, to have involved themselves in gargantuan acts of corruption?  • Everybody knows Alfred Agbesi Woyome for example has duped Ghana of GHc51.2 million. The Supreme Court has ordered him to refund the money. When is President Mahama going to get the money back; in election year? If yes, what does he mean by that?  • When is he going to collect the money from, and jail, those in GYEEDA, SADA, NSS, etc. that have swindled Ghana of millions of Cedis? Will it be in election year according as enshrined in their “Plan B” charter?  • Will the people be refunding the money en mass after they have been threatened with prosecution, same as his younger brother decided to refund the Merchant Bank loan he took, but had refused to pay? He is alleged to have paid part of the loan, only when the bank was dubiously sold to some members and sympathisers of NDC grouped themselves into what is FORTIS Company?  • Will the government jail only the Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs) and the District Chief Executives (DCEs) while leaving out big fraudsters like Alfred Agbesi Woyome and his government Ministers?

Anyway, President Mahama has got the balls to do fuck all. Ghanaians are not that stupid to be fooled by his whitewashed propaganda agenda.

To fellow Ghanaians, be it known to you that, “the corn that will bear huge grains (big ears of corn) is determined by its sprouting”. Moreover, “a would-be well attended market can be told from its early morning starting” If Mahama could govern properly, he would have started long ago. He cannot fool us by his last minute.com trickery. Ghanaians are wiser than that even though we are the believers in “Fa ma Nyame” and “Enye hwe Onyame bekyere” (Leave it to God and never mind, God will show the way).

A serious and able President would have long ago started prosecuting all those alleged or proven to be corrupt e.g. Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the self-styled NDC sole financier.

I shall come back to discuss this topic in detail. God has a plan for Ghanaians hence revealing the secret plans of the NDC to His servants to place them in the public domain. Be aware that “Once bitten, twice shy”

Ghanaians, stay blessed. Be courageous to fight for your rights. Don’t allow President Mahama and the NDC to continue to fool you. NDC’s “Pan B” is exposed!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson