Prof Boateng is the Best NPP Presidential Aspirant

Fri, 28 Sep 2007 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It takes an ardent farsighted leader to steer a nation through a tortuous path or turbulent waters, circumnavigating the obstacles of the scarcity or its total absence of human wants, to reach the desirable comfort zone of human quest, with the abundance of everything.

Ghana is claimed in some circles and in the thoughts of many as the torchbearer of Africa. The arrival at this inconclusive assertion solely based on our acquisition of political independence from the British colonialists in Sub-Sahara Africa, and the first of its kind by then, is now misleading. If we bear the torch at all, then the torch is dimming and just about to flicker out. To hold on to the reality of the expressed position of Ghana in the emancipative role of Africa, then Ghanaians need to re-examine themselves, the way they visualize things, in their proper perspectives, accept and face the challenges in life in collectively as rational human beings, and then scale down or backtrack on their untoward nation-wrecking attitudes. For in reality, Ghana as she stands now is not of herself as far as any form of independence goes. She is neither politically, nor economically, nor socially independent in any meaningful way. Strings attached to our waist are being pulled on by some form of protocol remote control to direct our steps similarly as done to puppets, in dictates to the whims and caprices of the master.

In the absence of a strict procedural structure for a smooth transfer of the Presidential candidacy-mantle to the sitting Vice President, but a free for all democratic fight for it, as pertained in true democracies, then I will flung my weight behind Professor. Frimpong Boateng. I would normally have loved to see the Vice President went for it devoid of any competition but as it now stands, with the NPP understanding of OPEN democracy in place, where anyone deemed credible in their own mind's eye can fight for it, then let me be truthful to myself, based on my convictional principles, give Mr. Frimpong Boateng my fullest support and recommendation.

The deniability of charismata as being attributable to individuals, but deceptively believed by some as a collective political party gain or characterization, is quite mistaken. This goes to tell ones political affiliation does not grant them the same charismatic status as the sainted founder/s of their party. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of the then Conventional People's Party (CPP), and Dr. J.B. Danquah and Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia of the United Party (UP) and the Progress Party (PP) respectively, were all charismatic in their individual but not in any collective rights. The falsity then of being able to do exactly what these mentioned individuals were able to achieve by merely belonging to their political parties and invoking their names by the current crop of politicians stands out obtrusively, viewed in the ludicrous mess that has become their brand.

Out of all the New Patriotic Party NPP) Presidential aspirants, Professor Frimpong Boateng stands out conspicuous by his sterling worthiness. He is the most visionary with the practically exhibited good intentions to see Ghana through real industrial reforms that will put us on a good footing in our quest and fight for self recognition in our war on social and economic fronts, to free us from the scarcity of human wants.

Ghana, like her sister African countries from the dying continent of Africa, has all the needed natural resources to sustain herself. But without an honest selfless steward chosen to lead the nation, the country will not only stagnate but will rather continue to retrogress with every one step taken forward, two or three will be taken backwards.

The countries in the world are not queuing for one another's turn in the climbing of the prosperity ladder. It is the policy of the clever wins, reminiscent of, though not, "the war of the survival of the fittest". This goes to nullify or render stupid the NPP's philosophy of "queue up for your turn" as though at the supermarket tills or our hospital outpatient's wards. It is neither "whom you know", but "what you know", that should be the flagship for choosing leaders for Ghana.

Mr. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, though not very known in the political arena, he is the most competent visionary of all the NPP aspirants. He has the charisma to be the best leader of Ghana in recent times. He is a technocrat and believes more in resorting to technology to solving the many ails of Ghana. The fact that he is a renowned physician does not make him a bad politician. He is honest, a formidable disciplinarian, an excellent Manager, and has the visionary know-how to make Ghana a real showcase of economic emancipation to the rest of West Africa, if not the entire Africa.

Is Mr. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng not the lone voice advocating for the fullest use of our God bestowed natural endowments? I pray those delegates who are avowed to selling their conscience for money, to deny Ghana a credible leader, who see choosing a Presidential candidate for a party as a profit making enterprise, would please think twice by re-assessing their view.

We have to be resolute in our determination to get Ghana back on track on economic and social recovery. We need to cease being self made stooges, prisoners of conscience encased in retrogressive self-inflicted anti-development, anti-economic and anti-social vices. The right leader to redeem us from such tagged disgraceful negativities is nobody other than Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng.

My forward march to ensure Ghana becomes prosperous by ridding herself of the actions and inactions holding her down continues unabated.

Rockson Adofo


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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson