Prof. Mike Ocquaye Is A Hipocrite

Fri, 31 Jul 2009 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

I was shocked when no other person than the Hon. Second Deputy speaker of parliament, Pro. Mike Ocquaye described the June 4th Uprising as a coup and so its celebration was insensitivity on the part of those who insisted it to the people who lost their lives, relatives, loved ones and property during the period. See Daily Graphic June 4, 2009 page 11. Prof. Ocquaye added that such celebrations hurt the feelings of Ghanaians and therefore must NOT go on, but he failed to tell Ghanaians that the National Pick Pockets (NPP) today was formed as a political party from the United Party (UP) tradition, Dr. Busia’s former party and that thousands of innocent men, women and children were killed like animals in Dr. Busia’s political struggle with the erstwhile mighty CPP led by the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory. When President Kuffuor wasted billions of the tax payers money to set up the stage managed National Reconciliation Committee, (NRC) did he not start it from June, 4 1979 targeting Jerry Rawlings and refusing to extend the commencement date to 1957, so that hundreds of innocent men, women and children killed by the late Brigadier Afrifa & Gen. Kotoka on the 24th February, 1966 would have been exposed for Ghanaian youth to know? Is Hon. Prof. Ocquaye telling the unsuspecting Ga – Dangbe Youth that the numerous bomb outrages that killed hundreds of Ghanaians, and the murderous coup led by Afrifa & Kotoka both soldiers from the (UP) tradition which the NPP represent today, DID NOT HURT the fellings of Ghanaians THEN and NOW?

In that case if the June 4th celebration should NOT GO ON, then the NPP as a political party must be scrapped as a registered political party in Ghana because the Danquah Busia tradition which the NPP represent today is the originator of political violence in Ghana – and they even showed their true colours when they killed their own party supporters during the NPP parliamentary primaries and several contract killings when they were in power from January, 2001 – January 6th, 2009.

Are some Ghanaians MORE IMPORTANT than others in this country or what? At the said forum, one Mr. Adjei Boye, in his innocence also stated that some political parties which lack vision and direction have made it their stock in trade to exploit our people with dangerous phenomenon of ethno-centric politics which simply means – tribal politics.

Go and ask your grandfather or any objective historian in Ghana about the National Liberation Movement (or Matemeho) which was formed along tribal lines based in Kumasi which later became the United Party led by Dr. Busia, a former violent opposition leader between 1954 & 1957 and the blood shed that flowed freely like rivers in Kumasi and Kyebi until the C.I.A. backed bloody coup in February, 1966, what are you people trying to tell Ghanaian youth to day? Nothing but FAT LIES. Has the NPP ever elected a Northerner as its Flag bearer? Will that ever happen except a running mate position in order to attract votes from innocent Northerners? When the former vice – President contested as a Presidential candidate on the ticket of the NPP in 2007, didn’t he get only 146 votes? The last people to talk about tribal politics must be the NPP and nobody else – shame onto you. When the UP military junta violently overthrew the CPP in February 1966, the Council issued 480 military Decrees in 3 years 1966 – 1969 and 95% of those decrees were issued to cripple and dismantle the CPP as the NPP under Kufuor tried to do to the NDC when he took over power in January 2001the CPP was banned as political party e.g. NLC Decree 345 which made it an offence punishable by 5 years imprisonment without the option of a fine if one was found in possession of the picture of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – why? Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was so popular that Dr. Busia and his military traitors in the National Libration Council FEARED his mere picture. Three top gurus of the socialist boys died in the Nsawam prisons namely; Comrade M.O Kwatia, Magnus George and Maclean Kounche all of blessed memories. As a former young pioneer cadre, I hid all Dr. Nkrumah’s pictures inside my trunk because of that obnoxious decree in 1966.

Pro. Mike Ocquaye must explain the main reason why he wrote that objective book entitled “Politics in Ghana” 1972 – 79. Was the book NOT vividly describing the TRUE state of Ghana economically, politically and socially?

If after writing a very good historical book on Ghana like that only to turn round and condemn your own book as well as the main character you praised to the high heavens in that book just because you party suffered defeat in the hands of the NDC smacks of hypocrisy on your part, hence my description of you as nothing but a professional hypocrite of the highest order – please accept it in good faith – is that clear? Grey hairs are signs of wisdom, but when grey hairs decide to deceive the youth with fat lies, as Mike Ocquaye has done and has been doing, then Ghana has a bleak future because his words carries weight because of his position in parliament – how sad!


Our advice is that the AFRC should direct its energies towards carefully selected objectives such as the investigation of individuals and companies and even there, without casting the net so wide as to make their enquiries perfunctory.

The particular service they can certainly render the country within the time at their disposal, if they achieved this, they would have rendered invaluable service to Ghana “Legon observer” editorial on 27th July, 1979 edited by the late P.A.V. Ansah of blessed memory from 29 Prabews Street Saltpong, he was my best friend any way because he admired the articles I used to write very much in his life time, and provoked me into writing several rejoinders in defense of the PNDC/NDC eras covering the period 1983 – 1996 and beyond. Therefore, could the late P.A.V Ansah and his professional anarchists at Legon have set the AFRC such a task if they had NOT approved of MILITARY DICTATOSHIP?

In yet another Editorial in the “Legon observer in 1980, he wrote and I quote. The current NATIONAL MESS in which the country finds itself is ELEQUENT CONFESSION of the failure of the Liman regime, the more they stayed in office, the more disastrous the consequences would be for the nation. Unquote, after this, Professor Mike Ocquaye also wrote thus; perhaps the Editor should have added, how the President’s rule should be ended abruptly to save the nation from total collapse. However, when the military finally struck on 31st December 1981, the late P.A.V. Ansah and Prof. Mike Ocquaye were the greatest critics of the PNDC right into the civilian NDC regime. Now, Prof. Mike Ocquaye has become a very frustrated double tongued confused political scientist using his academic credentials to deceive innocent Ghanaian youth, this is shameful and deceitful, how can you support military take overs when your party is NOT in power, and turn round to support the 24th February, 1966 coup which banned the CPP and gave power to the Progress Party on a silver platter in 1969?


We appreciate the TAKE OVER by the ranks and junior officers in both the AFRC and the PNDC eras. The men are junior officers of the army and are in effect THE PEOPLE. They, who have been deprived and cheated, and who have resolved. We no go sit down ANYMORE as a people in uniform. THE SOLDIER can no longer be NON-POLITICAL and must discard the TRADITION of keeping off politics – that was Prof. Mike Ocquaye in his book entitled. “ The search for Democracy in Ghana”. How can such a highly respected short professor say one thing to day and say another thing tomorrow, whom is he fooling or deceiving in this country? Let me remind this short fair coloured professor that he is fast losing hundreds of admirers including this writer because of his double tongued speeches that he has been making at several functions and across the nation’s capital and beyond. He must be frank, sincere and factual as he was when he wrote those two books entitled “Politics in Ghana” 1972 – 79 as well as “The search for Democracy in Ghana” respectively. Why do you want to confuse and deceive Ghanaian youth because of dirty partisan politics just because you party lost the 2008 general elections. Will you have been proud to see Nana Akuffo Addo sworn in as Ghana’s President on January7th 2009? Wouldn’t it have been too shameful and a big insult on the intelligence of all Ghanaians? Prof. Ocquaye, come again with your false statements on June 4th and I am prepared to meet you boot for coma for coma, and word for word because if you are now a professor of DECEIT and LIES just because your party lost power to the NDC which you love to hate, then I am also a PROFESSONAL CADRE of the highest caliber who can take you on and finally FLOOR you for good from all angels.

Long time June 4th Long live the great NDC Long live Ghana.

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement