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Profile of FDA Boss Dr Stephen Opuni


*(compiled by Frankly Kwaku Atiase)*

*NPP head of security accuses NDC of stockpiling arms; Dr Opuni says he is


*FDB Boss Breaks 20-Year-Old Friendship With Manhyia MP After Being

‘Threatened’ Over Ashtown Shooting Incident*

*You’re An Idiot – Akamba Fires Dr. Opuni*

*By Ghana News -SpyGhana.com *

Dr. Stephen Opuni, the Executive Director of Food and Drugs Board, has

disputed claims by the opposition New Patriotic Party (*NPP*) that he and

some functionaries of the governing National Democratic Congress (*NDC*)

are plotting Election Day mayhem in *NPP* strongholds.

In an interview with Joy News on Monday, he suggested that such allegations

could only be made by a mentally challenged person.

*Dr Opuni* was responding to comments by Lt Colonel (rtd.) Ababio Srebour,

the head of the *NPP* Security Committee, who alleged that certain

*NDC*members are

*stockpiling* arms with the intent to create chaos in Friday polls.

He reported that that the *NPP*’s intelligence uncovered evidence that Yaw

Boateng Gyan, the National Organiser of the *NDC*, as well as Dr. Opuni and

others are training personnel from around the country to destabilize

elections in areas loyal to the *NPP*. He pointed out that the people

supporting this nefarious and clandestine training are obligated by the

constitution to protect the people.

He also claimed the *NDC* has tasked persons with heavy duty vehicles to

run over any vehicle covered with or hoisting *NPP* paraphernalia and that

about 500 boxes of ballot papers have been hidden in the residence of a

doctor at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

He further alleged that *NDC* operatives procured fake indelible ink to

encourage multiple voting and that a medical doctor at the Dansoman

Polyclinic and his cousin have been tasked to recruit Kokomba boys from the

Northern Region to spread confusion in Kumasi.

He also claimed that utility operators are plotting a nationwide blackout

at exactly 7pm on Election Day when results are being collated.

Mr Srebour therefore called on all Ghanaians, especially the police and

*NPP* functionaries, to be vigilant and safeguard the integrity of the


Reacting to these allegations, *Dr Opuni* questioned Srebour’s sanity on

the grounds that it is only the Ghana Armed Forces that trains soldiers.

“Soldiers are trained by the military, so may be that person who said this

lost his way from the psychiatric hospital, and we should look for him and

send him back for psychiatric evaluation and treatment.”

*Dr Opuni* believes that the *NPP* is resorting to such allegations because

they know they have lost the election in advance due to the popularity of

President John Mahama and the *NDC*’s Better Ghana Agenda.

Touching on apparently threatening text messages sent to him by *NPP* MP

Mathew Opoku Prempeh, *Dr Opuni* said that upon receiving the first

message, he tried to call Opoku Prempeh for clarification but his calls

were rejected.

He said he later received another text message from the same person

allegedly threatening his life and those of his family.

*Dr Opuni* said that he has reported the issue to the police because it is

a criminal offence to threaten somebody.

Source Joy News Ghana

*FDB Boss Breaks 20-Year-Old Friendship With Manhyia MP After Being

‘Threatened’ Over Ashtown Shooting Incident*

*By Ghana News -SpyGhana.com *

FDB Boss, Dr Stephen Opuni breaking a 20-year-old freindship?

A report according to The Herald Newspaper suggests that FDB CEO, Dr

Stephen Opuni has decided to break up a 20-year-old friendship with the New

Patriotic Party (NPP) *MP* for Manhyia, Dr Matthew Opoku-Prempeh over last

Thursday’s shooting *incident* at Ashtown in the *MP*’s constituency.

The report said, New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr Opoku-Prempeh, after the

*incident*, has gone sent life-threatening *messages*, warning to finish

his opponent long before they execute their agenda against him.

The report quotes family sources as saying, Dr Opoku-Prempeh had a history

of violence. He twice beat his wife out of the marriage, The Herald learnt.

One of the women, the report says, is related to the Mr Kojo Bonsu of Agoo

Magazine and sportswear, Adidas, fame.

In 2008, during the election runoff, a thug linked to him by name “Sunsum”,

inflicted cutlass wounds on an NDC supporter called “Bucha” in Kumasi in

Napo’s presence, The Herald has been informed. “Sunsum” is still being

sought after by the Kumasi police for that *incident*.

The *MP*, who was last Friday arrested and released on a GH¢30,000 bail

over the shooting *incident*, appears to have had his cup full, as he has

been reported to the Police Criminal Investigations (CID) for sending a

life threatening test *messages* to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of

the Food and Drugs Board (FDB), Dr Stephen Opuni.

Shockingly, *Dr Opuni* has been a long-standing friend of his for 20 years.

In the said text *messages* which The Herald has intercepted, the NPP

*MP*alleged amongst other things that if *Dr

Opuni*’s plans had reached the level of ending he, Dr Opoku-Prempeh’s life,

then he should watch his back as he was prepared and ready for him.

According to the second message, Napo sent to the FDB boss, he noted that

he was going to organize a press conference the following day to expose *Dr

Opuni*, who he claimed had guns and combat boots and some men who had been

tasked to cause mayhem ahead of Friday’s elections.

The message read, “Boss we all have one life. If your plans have extended

to take mine, then watch out. We will speak at my press conference tomorrow

and we will see. All those guns and men and combats boots and those picking

them up will be exposed tomorrow.

It is not only Kumasi that will be unsafe. So will your house and

hometowns, and families and hiding place will go overboard. I have reported

this to the police”.

The NDC led by its General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has since

through a press conference called on the police to investigate the said

death threats.

Mr Nketia, who disclosed the contents of the text message during the press

conference, said that if the matter was not dealt with by the security, it

would subsequently compromise the safety of Ghanaians during Friday’s


On Thursday 7:09 pm,according to *Dr Opuni* ,he received the first message

which read “Good evening, if John Mahama wants to become president through

our blood then he is a joker. He is the one behind this Ohene Agyekum-Opuni

stupidity on my life”.

Meanwhile in an interview with Joy FM’s Midday News yesterday, *Dr

Opuni*disclosed that efforts to reach the

*MP* after he received the first message proved futile as he refused to

pick his calls.

After the text message fracas, he said, he resolved to call some people in

Kumasi who knew him to advice him to apologize for the unsubstantiated

allegations but this proved futile.

According to *Dr Opuni* since the *MP* contends that he sent the said

*messages* because of a plot to assassinate him, he rhetorically asked why

the *MP* will fail to report the plot to the Police for onward

investigation as he has done than to go about threatening people.

He expressed concern about Dr Opoku-Prempeh’s behavior, adding that until

the current *incident*, the *MP* used to come to his office for many


However, due to the severity of the text *messages* he received from his

good friend, Dr Prempeh, he has resolved not to continue with the

20-year-old cordial relationship he had with him.

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You’re An Idiot – Akamba Fires Dr. Opuni

August 29, 2012

THE CHIEF Executive of Food and Drugs Board (FDB), Dr. Stephen Opuni,

yesterday suffered some humiliation at the hands of Deputy National

Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC,) Joshua Akamba, who

hurled insults at him in the presence of other NDC gurus and the media.

Joshua Akamba, who was fuming with rage and panting for breadth, without

mincing words, described Dr. Opuni as an idiot among other unprintable


Dr Opuni, who was reported to have a strained relationship with Joshua

Akamba, allegedly accused the NDC Deputy National Organizer of organising

thieves to invade his office to rob him some time ago.

Akamba, who was then seated on a wooden structure on the field at the Baba

Yara Stadium with other party members where the NDC is congregating

tomorrow for a conference to endorse President John Mahama as the party’s

candidate for the December polls, suddenly became infuriated by the foul

comment passed about him by Opuni, and responded in a harsh manner by

hurling insults at the FDB boss.

Other party members present rushed in to restrain the angry-looking Akamba

who was by then trying with all his might to reach the visibly-shaken Dr.

Opuni, who was racing away from the NDC official.

The shameful incident occurred yesterday afternoon at the Baba Yara Stadium

in Kumasi.

All members of the Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC), headed by

the Regional Minister Dr. Kwaku Agyeman Mensah, security capos in the

region, NDC national and regional executives and a section of the media

were present when the incident occurred.

The confusion started when NDC bigwigs got divided over the venues for the

endorsement of President Mahama and the party’s mammoth rally which is to

follow the NDC congress.

Some party gurus including Joshua Akamba supported the idea that the two

events be held at the Baba Yara Stadium in order to save party members the

ordeal of walking under the scorching sun from the stadium to the Jubilee

Park for the party rally.

Party sources hinted that other NDC kingpins like Dr Opuni, who was

actively involved in the organization of the congress, insisted that the

endorsement of the president be held at the Baba Yara Stadium, whilst the

NDC rally comes off at the Jubilee Park.

As the NDC members and the REGSEC were discussing where the event should be

held, Dr Opuni reportedly insulted Joshua Akamba for having an opposing

view about where the venue for the event.

Dr. Opuni then allegedly accused the NDC Deputy Organizer over the alleged

robbery and Joshua Akamba, who initially did not respond, however got

agitated later on, as he started firing verbal assaults, most of which were

unprintable, including describing Opuni as an ‘idiot’.

Realizing that Joshua Akamba was furious, Opuni surprisingly kept mute and

managed to keep a distance from the outraged party man who was by then

being restrained by other party gurus.

When *DAILY GUIDE* left the Baba Yara Stadium around 4.00pm on Tuesday, NDC

bigwigs were seen standing in groups still discussing where the two

upcoming events should be held.

General Secretary of NDC Johnson Asiedu Nketiah had since announced that

the rally will be held at the Jubilee Park.

*FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumas*

Dr. Stephen Opuni, the controversial head of the foods and drugs authority

(FDA) appears to be a young man on the rise. From the relatively quiet

consulting rooms of the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi where he

practiced his profession as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Opuni was thrust

onto the country by the mills’ administration after the NDC won the 2008

general elections.

He was posted to the FDA then known as the Foods And Drugs Board (FDB) as

its first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) under mills. Somehow, before the

end of the first four years of that regime, the young surgeon managed to

complete the transition of the FDB into an autonomous authority now known

as the FDA.

Now unconfirmed reports have it that the young doctor could be on his way

to assume the top most job at GHANA’S COCOBOD as its chief executive

officer (CEO). Scandal has gathered that Dr. Opuni has received his letter

and his appointment, barring any last minute changes, will be announced any

moment from now.

Dr. Opuni’s appointment as chief executive officer of Cocobod if it is

confirmed comes on the heels of a protracted and yet to be settled ‘capital

war’ that he and his FDA started with yet another indigenous pharmaceutical

company-Tobinco company barely two weeks ago.

The last time we heard the FDA speak on the subject, they were taking the

minister of health- madam Sherry Ayittey on, for suggesting that she was

going to set up a committee to look into the FDA-Tobinco brouhaha. The FDA

reminded her that her ministry had imported some fake condoms worth over

six million dollars and that she should first investigate those imports

before she crosses over to examine the Tobinco matter.

Dr. Opuni’s five years stint with the FDA has been a heated one. He has

come against many companies, seized many goods and destroyed same all in

the name of public safety. The problem really is that Dr. Opuni and his FDA

are so powerful that if you fall into their net (or is it that they drag

people into their net), no one can deliver you.

The truth is that the FDA sometimes comes across as a police officer, a

prosecutor and a judge in their own court. They are the ones who inspect

your products and decide if they should be registered under our laws. They

are the ones who can determine whether your products are fake or genuine

and whether they are suitable for consumption. They are the ones that can

command the seizure and destruction of your goods and the law backs them in

all these.

In all these matters, there is no independent verifier or arbiter. It is

always the FDAs’ word against the companies involved. And so where there is

a clash of interests or egos the FDA and its leaders always stand supreme.

While Dr. Opuni has not been accused of impunity or arbitrariness in all

his standoffs with companies, there is no doubt that his style has

generated a lot of heat in the FDA since he took over.

The Cocobod is Ghana’s largest industry and a major source of revenue.

Cocobod deals with a large number of buying agencies and intermediaries

with varied backgrounds in the execution of its very important mandates. It

is the hope of all that all these are taken into consideration as Dr. Opuni

heads for the seat of CEO of Cocobod.

We are aware that Dr. Opuni has had to fight off a lot of competition to

arrive at this job. for nearly one year now the competition for the job has

been going on. The main backers (a king and a queen) of the contestants

have been at work. And now the queen has won and Opuni is the man. Go on

Dr. Stephen Opuni. Your time has come.


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Shake-up at FDA…Two bosses to go!

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Dr. Stephen Opuni, FDA Boss

Dr. Stephen Opuni, FDA Boss

Snippets of information chanced upon by Today from the corridors of power

indicate that President John Dramani Mahama is planning to change the

embattled Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Food and Drugs Authority

(FDA,) Dr. Stephen K. Opuni, and the Board Chairman, Mr. P.C Kworkwaei.

The reason for the move, the paper gathered, is the desire of the president

to see action in all government agencies in Ghana, and that has

necessitated the penning down of the two on the ‘hit list’ of the president.

Non-performance and persistent intimidation and attacks on pharmaceutical

companies in application of the Public Health Act 2012 (Act 851) section

116 are said to be some of the reasons for their intended dismissal.

Public Affairs Director of FDA, Mr. James Lartey, in a telephone interview

with Today denied his outfit’s knowledge of highly-schemed and matured

plans by President Dramani Mahama and his National Democratic Congress

(NDC) to change Dr. Stephen K. Opuni and the Board Chairman, Mr. Kworkwaei.

“My brother I must tell you on authority that we are not aware of that

plan, but if President Dramani Mahama thinks [he wants] to change Dr.

Opuni and Mr. Kworkwaei. It is the president who is the overlord of the

Republic of Ghana. I reserve my comment,” Mr. Lartey told Today.

But information available to this paper indicates that the controversial

Dr. Opuni would be re-assigned to replace the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

of Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD,) Mr. Anthony Fofie, while Mr. Fofie takes

over the position of Dr. Opuni at the FDA.

Dr. Opuni and Mr. Kworkwaei, our sources explained, apart from not being

able to deliver on a single of the several FDA projects promised by the

government, have also failed to prove to Ghanaians their claims of fake

drugs importation by Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Company Limited, which has

created a lot controversy in the country.

Our sources also confirmed that the inaction of the under-performing FDA

bosses has resulted in the bulk of the work at FDA being left for their


Meanwhile, a member of the Communication Team of the Progressive People’s

Party (PPP,) Charles Owusu, has called on President Mahama to sack Dr.

Opuni and hand him over to the police for detention.

Speaking on Accra-based Adom FM’s “Dwaso Nsem” morning show a couple of

weeks ago Charles Owusu said Dr. Opuni has failed to prove to Ghanaians

his claims of fake drugs importation by the Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Company

Limited, stressing that “Dr. Opuni must be arrested immediately!”

He emphasised that if the alleged fake anti-malarial drug, Gsunate Plus

Suppository, was indeed manufactured by Bliss GVS Pharma Limited in India

and imported into Ghana on the blind side of the FDA, then the police must

arrest Dr. Opuni for failing to let his men stop the drug from getting onto

the market.

The PPP man said the FDA has representatives at the country’s various

entry points and ports, and they should have known better before allowing

the alleged fake drug to enter the country.

Former chairman of FDA, Professor Alex Dodoo, also pointed out that: “the

Authority [FDA] is not leaving up to expectation as long as there are

unregistered medicines on the Ghanaian market.”

Prof. Dodoo, who posted this statement on his face book wall, cautioned

the FDA not to intimidate pharmaceutical companies in the application of

the law.

President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSG,) Mr. Pharm James

Ohemeng Kyei, also accused the head of the Pharmaceutical, Industrial

Support Department of FDA, Mr. Samuel Asante Boateng, of conflict of

interest in the discharge of his duties.

Mr. Ohemeng Kyei, who made the accusation in a statement, indicated that

although Mr. Boateng was a staff of the FDA, he was engaged as a consultant

at Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Company Limited.

“I also have evidence that Mr. Boateng has for the past five years been on

the payroll of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals as a Consultant to support Tobinco

in all regulatory aspects of the business,” Mr. Ohemeng Kyei said.

The PSGH president also indicated that Mr. Boateng was on a consultancy

fee of GH¢2,000 a month with his consultancy appointment allegedly being

endorsed by, Dr. Stephen Opuni.

“This is a clear case of conflict of interest by the leadership of the

FDA,” the PSGH president stressed.


Columnist: Atiase, Franklin Kwaku

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