Prophet T. B. Joshua Grills President Mills!!

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

Prophet T. B. Joshua on Easter Friday night hosted the president of the Republic of Ghana in a church service dubbed "Thanksgiving". It was a colorful ceremony where the flag of Ghana was hoisted all around as the Church service progressed at the Synagogue. A song was even composed for His Excellency, President J.E.A. Mills which reminded him of his promise to Ghanaians that the word of God will be his standard of living.

What was supposed to be a thanksgiving service tuned in a hot furnace for President Mills when the "two edged sword cut through his bones and marrows". Prophet T B Joshua in his usual calm and figurative way of sending his message threw some very painful truths into the face of the president, who under all circumstances might have lost his comfort in front of the large congregation. Any person facing such an open chastisement will surely feel very uncomfortable or even embarrassed ("Osofo Abrobe").

It all started when after Prophet Joshua read the scriptures from the book of Hebrew 6:1 and verse 19. His message did not necessarily base on the scripture reading but one of a generalised message which spoke of how one should wholly rely on God in order to see God acting in his life. And how that Christ was the hope for every category of human race. From the privileged to the under privileged. He(The Prophet) added that charity and charitable organisations should be encouraged.

He then took his time to describe what charity simply means. And he(the Prophet) here explained that someone doing charity is the one who forgets of himself and reach out to the "poor" and the "grassroots".

I am sure the word grassroots sent shivers down the spine of our President as we have heard of how the grassroots have been ignored by his leadership leading to many mutinous actions even within his own party. It is also common knowledge that his three years rule has brought a lot of hardship to the downtrodden in our society.

What many have noticed in President Mills rule is how a few friends and sympathisers have been ushered into the harvest room whilst the teaming masses are left in cold and hunger. Every Ghanaian was shocked to hear that the president was paying his form four-leaver castle boys more than Professional Doctors and Surgeons in our country. More shocking was how school buildings for poor communities were practically doubled without any logical reason. The judgement debt scandals also spoke volumes of how the poor was deprived of the little they needed and all gathered for individuals close to authority. Charity has totally been out of the question.

The widened tax net which have tangled the ordinary Ghanaian and left those in our financial driving seats untouched are clear examples of how uncaring his government has been about the poor and needy the Prophet was referring to. Simple incentives like the free health care under NHIS, Capitation Grant, School feeding program and other initiative which were gleefully embraced by the poor has been left to crawl without any special attention whilst huge sums are paid for White elephant programs like the STX to consultants and foreigners. The Prophet carried out his divine duty of speaking the plain truth without fear nor favour. If I was president Mills I would broken down in tears, because he has failed totally in this area. Could anybody have imagined that Mills will preside over an administration which will add illegal taxes to petroleum products to further worsen the plight of the needy? But it has happened right under his watch.

The Prophet then proceeded to talk about the organisation of elections in Africa and how it has been the bane on many African nations. He then framed a beautiful sentence I will like to quote; "A good government is mirrored through his organisation of free and fair elections". He also added that the reputation of being able to organise a free and fair election, lives on even after the president is gone. He used that occasion to thank former president Kuffour for having done one. He did not mention former president Kuffour's name but from the proceedings, it was obvious. Former President Rawlings also deserve the same acclamation. President Mills will have been very embarrassed at this point. Because every single election organised under his watch has been full of ugly incidents. From the bi-elections in Chereponi, Akwatia and Tamale to the District Assembly elections to even his own party primaries in Sunyani. The instances of violence which went unpunished. The instances of intimidation and vote buying which were never investigated and lately biometric registration which have seen unprecedented degrees of violence all across the country. If president Mills government will be mirrored through his organisation of free and fair election then so far he has failed. I believe it is a good call by the prophet on the president to see to it that he amend his ways and forget of every means to win the election apart from free and fair means. President Mills was once again reminded not to put his hope in any other means but by the approval of God. Cheating will neither help him, his party nor Ghana.

Recently it was rumoured that Prophet T. B. Joshua had some misgivings for President Mills for not carrying out the instructions God had given him(Pres Mills) through him the prophet. The story which was published on our cyber networks also narrated how the prophet was worried about how president Mills had treated his party founder, Former President Rawlings. As if to give the story some credence the prophet said at the same service that people do not go to God when they have no problems. He said the problems we face turn us to God. As true as this word is for everyone he made a special narrowing which the wise will notice. He said the persecution, the hatred and the troubles the president had gone through are a dry pit which have forced him to God so that God will let him possess his possession and put him in his rightful place. Without troubles facing our president, the prophet maybe implied that the president won't have been seeking God's guidance.

Prophet T B Joshua then took our president through the trait of forgiveness and the uselessness of vindictiveness. If our president had known that doing anything against those who offend you will be an act against God as said by the prophet, he would have kept his relationship with the Rawlingses alive and his party stronger than it is today. If he had learnt from Joseph as illustrated by the prophet he could have held Ghana and his party together more solidly than it is today. Howbeit, Vindictiveness showed itself at coronation park. It showed up in his appointments and firing of members of his government. Vindictiveness showed itself in how the president has refused to bring those offending his opposers to book leading to a polarized NDC and a Ghana facing the direction of abyss.

The word of God is indeed a two edged sword and it pierced deeply into the president on this occasion. It is my prayer that the president will learn from the good counsel of the prophet and do at least one of the lot said by the president; Organise a free and fair election and leave a good name behind even if he looses. The time to think of the poor and the grassroots too is long overdue. Forgiveness should come into his heart now, so that he can hold the party and the nation together.

God bless our Homeland Ghana!!

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame