Prosecution Should Not Be The #1 Priority Of The Government

Mon, 22 Mar 2010 Source: Sam, Leo R.

The Government should NOT consider the prosecution of former government officials and their associates as a matter of urgency as suggested by CJA ( The Committee for Joint Action ).

I think the #1 priority is to make sure that the newly appointed officials are NOT indulging in the same corrupt practices which resulted in the loss of billions of dollars to the state.

This is the time to stop the CYCLE of the new government wasting precious time to prosecute corrupt officials of the previous government instead of undertaking projects, which will provide:

1. Productive and essential jobs with LIVING WAGES for the youth

2. Decent, hygienic and AFFORDABLE shelter for the ordinary Citizen

3. Safe drinking water for all Ghanaians

4. At least one decent nutritious meal per day for every Ghanaian

5. The former respectable standard of education, which allowed many Ghanaians to qualify

For all types of high level professional jobs all over the world.

Prosecution of officials cited for embezzling state funds should be placed on the back burners for the meantime.

We are all aware that those who embezzle state funds do so through so-called "LEGAL" means. These culprits are often knowledgeable about our legal system. They are fully aware that prosecution in our courts will be unsuccessful because collecting the evidence to convict them is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE in Ghana.

They know that the legal system is bound to exonerate them on so-called "TECHNICAL" grounds. They have the resources to engage all kinds of questionable "POWERFUL" lawyers.

These culprits pretend to believe in "THE RULE OF LAW" when it is convenient to use the expression.

They do not hesitate to shout "TAKE ME TO COURT IF YOU ARE ACCUSING ME OF ANY CRIME". They know full well that they cannot be prosecuted successfully. They know full well HOW TO BEAT THE LEGAL SYSTEM since there are many loopholes, which they helped to set up. They are fond of threatening their critics with lawsuits. In many cases they know in their own minds and hearts that they are really guilty of the crimes they are cited for. They are ready to do whatever it takes to cover up their crimes. Are they really happy ???


These culprits will enjoy to get the Government involved in SENSATIONAL and TIME - WASTING court cases so that there will be very little time left to engage in more important productive projects.

If 50.23% of Ghanaians refuse to admire ill acquired wealth and do not adore and sing the praises of PUBLIC OFFICIALS, who have obviously embezzled state funds, the practice will become unattractive.

Unfortunately, many Ghanaians encourage their relatives in public positions of Trust to engage in corruption to enrich themselves , their relatives and close associates.

Honest Public Servants and Politicians often become the LAUGHING STALK of society . They are ridiculed for not being "SMART" enough to cut part of the "National Pie" for themselves, their relatives and close associates.

Considering the IMPENDING PROBABLE OIL WEALTH of Ghana, there are obvious signs that high level officials of both major political parties ( NDC and NPP ) have created or are developing TACTICS, which will enable them to enrich themselves handsomely.

The Government should take steps now to prevent its own appointees from getting involved in the dubious and fraudulent tactics. This will provide the opportunity for a future government to WASTE more time in trying to PROSECUTE the offenders.

Let the government demonstrate that steps are being taken to improve the living conditions of law-abiding citizens. This should be the #1 priority of the present government.

Attempts must be made to PROSECUTE former crooks but the government must make sure that its own appointees are not crooks in action right NOW.

Until our top politicians ( Presidents, Ministers, Parliamentarians, Ambassadors etc ) hold themselves to a little higher standard than the legal system prescribes, our development will be static.

May the Good Lord Bless Ghana with leaders, who are prepared to work for the COOMON GOOD instead of the PATHOLOGICALLY GREEDY leaders.


Columnist: Sam, Leo R.

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