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Opinions Thu, 10 Mar 2011

Public Indictments against NDC and NPP after 54 years

During this Independence Day, Independent Peoples Party (IPP) salutes all Ghanaians at home, and all over the globe. As we celebrate this great occasion, we also have to remind ourselves what independence really means to us. Taking stock of what we have achieved is nothing to boast about. One thing is clear to many Ghanaians, which cannot be disputed and that is there is something deeply and seriously wrong with our system, a system that has seemingly locked up our development and held us in limbo for decades. Many Ghanaians continue to struggle in their daily lives and it is a miracle that people who have no monetary support from their families living in the diaspora even survive. Where is the support system for our dear citizens? What as a country are we doing about these grave problems? Complaining for over 54 years has not changed the direction of our country. We continue to take stock and see the disparities between the few rich and the poor. I had always thought that the middle class serves as an engine to propel the economy. The country continues to ration water, electricity which has become an acceptable way of life. Taking stock over and over again only makes one depressed about the humiliating conditions people find themselves in. At 54 the Ghana police service, fire service, and ambulance services do not have the capability to save human lives, simply because there is no data to track home addresses, or locations where life may be in jeopardy. How can the government boast of development and the so called “year of action”, if there is no database after 54 years that account for every household in the country?

The question then becomes what are we, the people doing about these unacceptable conditions, and I know the answer does not lie in the bosom of our two political parties, we must always remember that we as voters allow and contribute to the failings of our public officials. They must be accountable to us, since we are the passengers; I don’t think for a second that we should reward the driver who is asleep on the wheels. Our country has become a crime scene because services or government assets that are supposed to be in place to help save lives are mostly malfunctioned or outdated. There must be an alternative to NDC and NPP if the people’s lives continue to deteriorate. Independent Peoples Party (IPP) is on its way, ready to fill the vacuum. It is about time we stop partisan politics and deliver to shape and make life better for all Ghanaians. From 2013 IPP government will be working to harness the power of information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve educational opportunities, boost outcomes and energize the learning experience. Major investments will be made by IPP government to bring efficiency in our systems, roll out national identification system backed by data for the purpose of delivering services and other government benefits, build 1st class infrastructures, develop online resources, and build support resources to enhance teacher’s ability and capabilities. The attitude of business as usual must be replaced with practicality, policies built on solid and sound data, reward for teachers, better pay, training, and equipment for our police services, 21st century innovation technology, better infrastructure, creativity and better jobs. Kofi Akpaloo’s ideas will deliver us from the shackles of the colonial blueprint which has not worked for over 54 years. So in this upcoming election, Ghanaians must look beyond, and understand the direction the country is going. In this coming election, we can’t allow ourselves to be seduced with money or any tangible gifts for our votes. 2012 Elections is going to determine the direction of your life and generation to come. The Independent Peoples Party is urging you to look in your heart, and have the courage to vote your conscience. You as the voter have the duty to leave Ghana a better place for the next generation. May God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!

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BY: Kwadwo Danso: IPP Atlanta, Ga
Columnist: Danso, Kwabena