Putting feelings into words produces positive effects in the brain

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Fri, 17 Apr 2020 Source: Dr. Annie Gaisie

Various studies by psychologists reveal why verbalizing our feelings makes our sadness, anger and pain less intense.

Why does putting our feelings into words, talking with a therapist or friend, writing in a journal - help us to feel better?

When you start thinking in words about your emotions, labeling emotions – a change occurs in certain parts of the brain.

If a friend or loved one is sad or angry, getting the person to talk or write may have benefits beyond whatever actual insights are gained. These effects are likely to be modest.

Many people are not likely to realise why putting their feelings into words is helpful.

If you ask people who are really sad why they are writing in a journal, they are not likely to say it's because they think this is a way to make themselves feel better.

People don't do this to intentionally overcome their negative feelings; it just seems to have that effect.

We all go through challenges from time to time.

Having a trusted person to talk to is very important for one's mental health and overall happiness. When that person is a trained therapist who can offer you valuable insight and helpful suggestions, that can really help you deal with the problem.

Talking about your thoughts and emotions can bring you clarity and cause a positive change in your emotions. A conversation between a person and a therapist, discussing the person's thoughts or challenges and working together to find insights and solutions is a positive move.

People with a range of different mental or emotional challenges can all benefit from talking to someone they can trust.

According to the British Psychological Society, people who receive support, are better able to function in their daily lives.

Don’t ignore signs of distress.

Don’t let stigma or society stop you from things that will benefit your wellbeing.

Sometimes being self-centered is a good thing. We all need that safe space to rebuild our lost Mental energy. Remember you are not alone.

Get talking to improve your mental wellbeing.

By: Dr. Annie Gaisie, Psychologist - Addictive Behaviour.

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Columnist: Dr. Annie Gaisie