Putting the health of Atta-Mills under the microscope (3)

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

One other absurd argument Kwesi Pratt and his legion of political-chameleons have been advancing in the wake of revelations about the health problems of Atta-Mills is that, the latter, has not been walking about with a ‘white-cane’ so our expression of worry about his health challenges amounts to act of despising physically challenged people(‘alhaji-alhaji,Radio Gold,28/5/11).

Quizzing Atta-Mills’ health is constitutional

Here, my question to these people is: were the framers of our current forth republican constitution seeking to make mockery of, and discriminate against mentally challenged people when they incorporated sound-mental-health as one of the primary requirements of a prospective president?

Tony Aidoo described Kufuor as ‘mumu’ (dump) on an ‘alhaji-alhaji’ programme on radio gold and in presence of Kwesi Pratt who is today fighting for the right of people with disability. The question is: what was his response then when Tony Aidoo uttered those words?

Awunor ‘orehawm’

Apologists of the Mills-Mahama administration are claiming the president is a capable leader with all his faculties firmly intact, yet, sensitive political appointments reserved for him alone to make, are being thrown out, by others, unto people’s laps just like how chunks of fresh meat are thrown into the cages of carnivorous animals in a zoo and what he (president) could say was “awuno orehaowm”.And these ‘nkwan deewa’ brigade comprising of shameless individuals who literally craw on their stomach, say Ghana is in safe hands? Lord have mercy!!!

For instance, how would a character as Kwesi Pratt and his people have described Kufuor, if during his tenure, Kojo Mpiani had had the occasion to make a declaration that someone who had enormously contributed to the electoral success of the NPP, would be “given an appointment over my dead body”?These people claiming that Atta-Mills’ mental faculties are perfectly intact and that he is firmly in control of affairs of state, would have been the people shouting loudest, to the effect that Kufuor had completely lost control of his administration.

Kufuor, whose mental and all other faculties were, and still are in perfect shape and therefore had firm grip on his appointees, was even described by Kwesi Pratt and his people, as a president with an intelligent quotient(IQ) of a baby.Yet,these very same people would want us to believe their futile blabs to the effect that Atta-Mills, with his current visible degenerating health status that has resulted in him being taken hostage by his avaricious close associates, is rather discharging his duties spotlessly. What an irony!!!! A very serious and competent president, who extremely abhors corruption, launches an investigation to retrieve an alleged self-incriminating tape-recording of some GHc90million ‘GAME’ war-chest, is told the tape he is so desperately searching for is with ‘Osemesi Agyewodin’, and ubruptly, the whole hunt grinds to a halt. And you call this a competent and incorruptible fella who is competently discharging his presidential duties as someone with true pair of ‘steel’ between his legs? ‘Egyawagwo’!!!!

On the question of Kwesi Pratt and other babies reading with the aid of glasses and therefore Methuselah Atta-Mills is justified to do so, irrespective of the elephantiasis font-size of his sripts.Now,if we were to even believe that the president is able to see these elephant-like font-size scripts and read them with ease, then the question arises as to whether all official documents to the president’s desk are printed out in such gigantic font-size? The dangers of Atta-Mills’ poor eye-sight Didn’t we all see for ourselves, how the president kept pressing the wrong button on the lap-top computer controlling the flow of oil during the inauguration of production on the jubilee oil field? How would a nuclear power Ghana deal with a situation where we have a visually impaired president who sees buttons to launch these weapons, as light switches in his room and goes to press it? Kwesi Pratt comparing his health status with that of the president of Ghana by saying that we all harbor some kind of ailments within our bodies and that any of us can drop dead at any point in time so it is stupid to talk about the health of the president, is another display of abject thoughtlessness. And the reason is simply this: Kwesi Pratt can even decide to commit suicide today and the nation will move on smoothly without incurring any lost.

Conversely, if a sitting president drops dead today, the nation will be saddled with incalculable level of socio-economic burden. So, where lies this comparison of ‘nkwan deewa’ health status to that of a sitting president? Kwesi could even decide to inflict blindness on himself by deliberately scooping out his self-acclaimed dysfunctional eye-balls, and it will be a problem for only himself and immediate ‘nkwan deewa’ family. But an executive president with so much power, being surrounded by a cabal of such highly gluttonous water-buffalos is certainly a great threat to our socio-economic advancements as a third world nation. And these hypocrites with pendulum-like conscience don’t want us to talk about this?

There has been this argument about leaders of some powerful nations being physically challenged, which I perfectly agree. As a matter of fact, David Blanket who is totally blind, served as education and home secretary, at some points in time, under the premiership of Anthony Linton Blair (Tony Blaire).But what we seem to forget is the fact that these are societies where institutions are strong, government is efficient, wrong doings are swiftly punished, accountability is paramount and political office holders listen to their conscience!!

On the other hand, we in this nation, and to a large extent the whole of the African continent, are saddled with absolute block-heads masquerading as politicians. They have no brains to do anything for themselves except to parasite on state largesse. As such, they will rather be swift to capitalize on incapacity of the president than assisting him/her to succeed.

Capitalizing on Atta-Mills’ illness to steal

Within just 28-months of being in government, most of these hyenas around the president have been scrounging for multi-billion mansions, expensive trips abroad with new-found lovers, hamper bonanzas, chichinga/pampers exhibitions, securing visas for concubines with fictitious documents and so on. And with such characters around a visually impaired president, how dare anybody tell me he (president) is in control and that our nation is in safe hands? And on the issue of thievery, how would you describe an angel that is highly allergic to corruption but sits aloof for his close associates to openly amass illegitimate wealth and vehemently justify those that are presented before him by conscientious Ghanaians? A person who has taken an oath to defend the sanctity of our state institutions by handing over perpetrators of crime to the security agencies for the law to take its course, only ended up pleading with people attempting to give him ‘brown envelopes’ to go away in peace.

Which one will you choose?

In the light of revelations about Atta-Mills’ health deterriotation, Kwesi Pratt said on radio gold’s ‘alhaji-alhaji’ programme, that he prefers “a sick and blind president to a cocaine president”.

And here, I would also like to state that: some of us will rather worship an alleged cocaine president, against whom absolutely no case has ever been established in that respect, that has been a successful lawyer and a bold civil rights campaigner. And much more admiraringly,he has, throughout his life, been amazingly sober enough to be able to provide for all his five children and made sure they all become productive adults. We will, on the other hand, treat as a highly contagious disease and fittingly quarantine, a blind, delusional, mentally deranged, plain-faced hypocrite, pretender, wicked, ungrateful, adulterer, , excessive ‘akpeteshe’ gulper, nicotine addict and a completely irresponsible absentee father who refuses to deliver on his fatherly responsibilities towards the only child has had out of wedlock.

Indeed, if these plain-faced black-mailers masquerading as senior journalists think they are going to engage in their trade-mark nonsense of throwing mud at decent people just like they did in 2008 without a reply, then, I will advise them to quickly revise their notes since this time round, there will be commensurate response to every single ‘abodam’ talk that emanates from their crooked ‘nkwan deewa’ buccal-cavities.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku