Ode to Ghanaian Vuvuzela Journalists

Fri, 13 Apr 2012 Source: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi

8th April, 2012

Pseudo trenchant media practitioners,

Have penchant for the weird but unreal,

Wayward drivers honking vuvuzelas for no just cause

Sabre rattling, sombre ranting

Amount to media unrest

Arrest the media polluters

Cage the sanguine media lot

And save Ghanaian media rot

Their profuse effusions amount to not much,

Ethics they have none,

Save they are gutter slatterns and yellow bill birds

Chirping and chirruping ad nausea,

Paparazzi pre-paid pen assassins

Peddling political bias and lies

And raising hell storm

Who takes them serious

Vuvuzela press corps bore us to the core

They’ve become unenviable media whores

Day in day out, they vuvuzela from the rooftops,

Selling their mediocre ware

We are aware, hungry media sycophants

They saturate the airwaves with kasapoolo (unending chatter)

We tire of cacophonous din

They populate the printing press

With unprintable stories

They suffuse the airwaves with vituperative vibes

Who takes them serious,

These popinjay vuvuzela neophytes,

Perceived press serial killers with no real gigabytes

Their stories cut no ice nor wash,

Media vuvuzelas have no depth to their cooked-up stories,

Sorry, we will not buy such cheap fare,

Like mother hen eager to feed chicks,

They scratch the surface for the grubs

They dig not deep for the gold

They rob themselves chance to rise to the stars,

Vuvuzela journalists and media practitioners

Tie themselves to the lowly grub,

Media serial killers in cahoots with radio serial callers, beware,

We are aware of your kaleidoscopic and panoramic vuvuzelas!

Columnist: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta