Nhyira FM Radio-Promoting Our Cultural Heritage

Fri, 27 Sep 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

It is very strange and a display of intellectual dis honesty for anybody to turn the FACTS UPSIDE DOWN. It is also very unfortunate that the TERRIBLE DILEMMA of most Ghanaian intellectuals is that their Brains are choked with foreign values making them more westermised than the westerners themselves.

They know the geographical conditions and capital towns of most European countries, but can hardly name all the capital towns of Ghana’s ten regions.

Ghanaians were United under our TRADITIONAL RULERS and the KINGS and CHIEFS. We did not know any multi-party system of government and there was respect, discipline and honesty in the Ghanaian society. Strongly united as we were, we fought the colonial powers and won our political independence on 6th March 1957.Realising the potency in our unity, the British found a means of dis-uniting us by introducing their culture called Democracy and multi-party system where a Son could get up to insult his father, mother or any elderly person in society and go scot free in the name of wersten imposed democracy. In Africa and in Ghana particular it is an ABOMINATION.

From that era onwards, the strong front of our leaders and their subjects was broken into so called Political Parties with Politicians at each other’s throat as families became divided since 1950 to date 2013 to the pleasure of the British and other European countries who succeeded in breaking our UNITED FRONT.

The African Continent have been divided politically, economically and socially by Neo-colonial forces led by the WEST.As if they are not satisfied, they are FORCING AFRICAN COUNTRIES to embrace GAY RIGHTS in EXCHANGE FOR CASH which is against the culture of Africans though some 32 countries in Africa have embraced it shamelessly.


Culture is the way of life of the people, therefore everything done by the people from personal hygiene, talking, eating, attitudes to how the people interact with each other is Their Culture. In the Ghana Chieftancy epitomises CULTURE and Culture is the totality of life. Chieftaincy is a very important Institution and pinning for good governance. It retains its traditional role and at the same time has well defined avenues of participating in National Affairs. Chieftaincy is an avenue for social engineering and also forms part of the process of governance, and will continue to play that role for a very long time to come. The populace in Ghana have FIRM HOPE in our Chiefs nationwide. What the people hear on radio is assumed to be the Truth, a truer position is that the Media or Radio have the Proprietor’s or the Editor which would normally differ from the Proprietors since he determines who will be the Editor’s. Dishonest Media Houses are liabilities to the country and not assets.

Therefore , a dishonest press to which TRUTH is UNKNOWN and whose main occupation is the FABRICATION and propaganda of irresponsible and libelous information is a very serious liability to any country. Those media houses which behave that way must remove WORNOUT ways of doing things before they collapse sooner or later. However, the Kumasi based Radio station NHYIRA FM stands out tall among over 20 Radio stations in the Ashanti Region for promoting Social Cohesion with its Cultural Programmes like “Wiase Mu-Nsem” ‘Kanawu”, “KUKURANTUMI” as well as SPIRITUAL PROGRAMMES which has been keeping public and civil servants on their toes in order to make them accountable and serve the people satisfactorily in the Region and Ghana as a whole.

I wish some FM Radio stations in the city would follow the good work of these journalists of Nhyira Fm Radio,

1.Aduanaba Kofi Asante


3.Agya Manso

4.Nana Bila Kantanka

5.Okyeame Takyi


7.Nana Brenya

8.Kofi Juma Akoanda and several others so may God bless them all most abundantly

9.Mr Adgyei and several others. So may God bless them all most abundantly. Thier programme dubed “Kukra ntumi” is a very powerful one which is aired on Saturdays – It realy keep the public officials on their toes. I remember clearly that on one of their programmes a Regional Officer of an institution was questioned by Kofi Asante ,and before the official answered him, he said hmm! Kofi Asante was quick to ask him the reason why he said hmm! You know what? Public office belongs to the people, so if you want the public off your back, do not join the public service, it is as simple as that.

Nhyira Fm Radio have been sensational, critical and objective to the annoyance of all those who HJATE THE TRUTH. The Radio station have exposed crooks in cassocks parading on Pastors and Men of GOD, Husband snatchers, Wife snatchers, fraudsters, fake mallams, witches, wizards and damn right liars ever since I tuned into that programme in 2003 to date 2013.There must be NO TURNING BACK NOW and I urge the other Radio stations in Kumasi to help assist the under Privileged in the Ghanaian society.

Corruption is in its worst form in the body politic today and poverty is also in its worst form today as thousands still go to bed hungry-these people are thinking about how to get their daily bread, how to send their children to school while a few people are fabulously rich to the extent that they cannot see anything beyond their stomachs.

Before the advent of the European , African communities had their own forms of education which put much emphasis on behaviour on good or evil as the society saw it, in terms of its own survival and contuinity obligations. It is rooted in the person and his or her behaviour. Nhyira Fm is doing just that and I doff my hat for them.






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement