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RE – Do Not Single Twi As A National Language

Fri, 26 Nov 2010 Source: Osei Tutu, Prince

It is politically, economically, culturally, traditionally and religiously healthy to be guided by set of laws that allow all and sundry to express themselves freely. Even lunatics are not insulated from the rights granted by the 1992 republican constitution of Ghana. Comparing this democratic dispensation to that of the junta era, indeed it tells us that the nation Ghana is blessed. It is therefore prudent and expedient to allow every TOM, DICK and HARRY to clear what is/are choked in their chest. However it is sad and very worrying to know the level at which some self seeking cowards abuse the freedom of expression granted by the law. This is because, instead of taking advantage of the right to express one self to raise important national issues to seek the development of Ghana, some people have indulged in retrogressive actions under the umbrella of freedom of expression. I have perused on many of the Ghanaian websites an article published by one who identify himself as Comrade Bright Selasie Yao Avornyo on the above topic. I love it when people put their thought into writing. This way of communication increases the intellectual capacity and capability of a nation. However, the retrogressive, tribalistic and such disingenuous thoughts of the fellow should not have been put into writing. Some irresponsible thoughts do not merit publication. Sorry folks for frowning on sections of the 1992 constitution. I state this because the aim of the framers of the constitution is to see the development of the country and not otherwise. First and foremost the Headline, ‘DO NOT SINGLE TWI AS A NATIONAL LANGUAGE’ put by the said Yao Avornyo is totally and completely wrong. He attributes this to Mr. Samuel Adjei, the director of Cultural Centre, Kumasi. The man neither said Twi, he only said Akan. Due to the writer’s ignorance and hatred for a particular group of people, he twisted the whole story to suit his agenda. If Avornyo cares to know, the Nzema language which is completely dissimilar from Asante Twi, is captured under Akan. Other Akan languages include Fante, Brong, Akyem, Akuapem, Sefwi Aowin and others. The big question is why did the “gentleman” decided to concentrate all his writing dexterity on Asantes and attack them profusely. The tribalistic stand taking by Avornyo made him tribalistically intoxicated to the point that instead of describing people who are not Asantes as non- Asantes he described them as anti Asantes,meaning, haters of Asantes.While perpetuating the crime of inciting all other tribes against Asantes, Yao Avornyo sort to create the impression that all what he wants is national unity. In his shameful and disparaging write – up, the writer (Avornyo) asserted that Asantes feels superior. I want to know if someone has asked his people (Ewes) to feel inferior. They feel inferior just because they harbour huge dosage of evil thoughts and intentions. I was surprised that an intellectual as the Anlo man claim to be, could state that a national language is unimportant just because he feels, if such is picked it will definitely not fall their way. What a despicably stupid analysis. Why did he add that Asantes wanted to overtake Ghana by fighting many tribes? Maybe Avornyo is a toddler in history. If he will subject himself to learn, he will know that almost all tribes in Africa and the world fought to amass wealth. Why do you think Great Britain colonized America? In Avornyo’s tribalistic assertion, if one is unable to speak Asante people ask if he is not a Ghanaian? That must simply point to you ‘gentleman’ that the Asante dialect is popular and common among Ghanaians. I will not be surprised if you have never travel beyond the borders of the poor Volta region. If you have, you will not put such evil argument. I have spent days in Adedome nye bro and I was surprised to hear your own fisher folks singing in Twi and dancing to those songs. You noted how you hate radio and TV stations broadcast in Asante. Why must this not tell you how easier it is to speak the dialect? You also desperately told the world of your fear for referendum on this matter but for want of space I will pardon you, just re- think. The said Avornyo wasted time talking about how anlo’s defeated Ashanti’s in a war some year’s back.This is a complete hoax.He only re-told the lies of his forefathers to boast their non existing ego.If a national language is useless why must people spend time to talk about history that do not add a grain of rice to the nation’s buffer stock? The idol worshiper mentioned and asserted that the whites only brought the BIBLE to indoctrinate Africans. I believe he is happier when young innocent damsels of his tribe are given to traditional priests to marry for no fault of theirs. (trokosi is what I am taking about). Avornyo you raised so many nation destructive and wrecking issues which will be unnecessary for me to react due to how you have exposed your ignorance. But it is unfortunate for you to have said that Ghana will descend into a deep tribal conflict if Asante is chosen over other languages.


In the write up of the intoxicated tribalist, it is even Frivolous to think of a national language. Here exposes his empty brain. A national language is as important as the air we breathe in or the water we drink. A national language facilitates development and makes national communication easier. This is why the Western World and the Asians have and is developing while Africa trails behind. The tribalistic dinosaurs of African like that anlo man are the brains behind the under development of Africa.



Columnist: Osei Tutu, Prince