RE: Gay Issue: Mills, better respond the U.S. from New York!!!

Wed, 14 Dec 2011 Source: Goka, Frank

“The Flip-floppers Cry”

I earnestly write to react to the article captioned “Gay Issue: Mills, Better Respond the U.S. from New York!!!” authored by Mr. Jerry Amponsah and published on December 12th page of your widely read Ghanaian website. My reason of this rejoinder is to correct and expose in its entirety all the mischievous and contradictions (flip-flops) the author and his Party apparatchiks enumerated. Under normal circumstances, the article could have been left to dwindle into thin air and be treated with the lack-of-credibility it deserves, as readers of discerning mental cogitations could easily separate the chaff from the grains. However, my conscience will lash at me upon seeing this “pollutants” being littered in the stratosphere without correction and exposure of these NPP so-called Communications “homo” sapiens who have consistently demonstrated their fibble-mindedness and inconsistencies as a result of daily antemeridian “clouds”. I have many questions to probe.

Foremostly, Mr. Amponsah, are you indeed a member of the Communication Group of NPP in New York? And did my optic nerves transmit impulses from your piece that translated into the afore-stated caption that Prez. Mills should respond to the US over gay issues from New York? I hope not, but if they did, then please have my sympathy! Where were you and the Communication members when your NPP Gen. Secretary Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John) and other elephant siblings declared with innuendoes and aspersions that the President NEVER visited New York? And that unless the President broadcast a video sitting on top of Statue of Liberty to Ghanaians, he will not believe that the Prez is indeed in New York let alone meeting with the UN Sec. Gen on Friday 2nd December? Why did you wait until now to tell that tomfoolery of a kind whose thought process is akin to a K.G “Graduate”, when you knew President Mills is in New York in your capacity as “Nana Boy” and Communication tycoon? Your inconsistencies are gradually digging a deep man-hole for Akuffo Addo and the elephant’s internment in 2012 as Ghanaians know the best and honest man to lead them.

Again, your assertion that Prez Mills is “attention-grabbing” doesn’t hold water. In reading your article, I paused more than enough to ask myself if you are indeed referring to the histrionic “ All die be die (ADBD-man)”, or Prez Mills- the affable, impeccable, politically-matured; oh yes, the one with whom even when cemented and plastered with either snowy-whites, weedy-rolls ( Taaba-- as advertised by King Ayisoba. I mean the cloud-producing burning rolls that render constant consumers edentulous evidenced of Ayisoba and others). Hmmmm! May Theresa Tagoe and her “properties” Rest in Peace! Yes, as I was saying, even when submerged and bedaubed in social vices, Prez Mills will come unscathed! Obviously, Mr. Amponsah seems to be out of touch with reality by ascribing that Prof Mills is a “braggadocios” fellow. You see, little did the white-furry sheep that drops ostensibly to debeautify a town realizes that its anus is a mess (Did I mention anus? Ei!) The writer has shot himself in the toe, as there could be no such pompous and divisive statement as “Yen Akanfo…” in a mutually existed inter-tribal nation as Ghana; emanating from Prez Mills. In contrast to that, Mills has earned himself “Father-For-All” devoid of profligacy. He has reduced his presidential convoy to three cars compared to 6 Ford Expeditions with motorcades by a mere presidential candidate. Braggarts go with profligacy, and if you are truly looking for one, backtrack to Election 2008. Who littered every nook and cranny of Ghana with flashy and gigantic billboards with photoshopped images? Your guess is as good as mine. Like bees on a hive, he was surrounded by heavily paid musicians to popularize him “at all costs”! It was no shocking that, that observation didn’t slip through the fingers of the U.S Diplomatic Cables intercepted by “Wikileaks” at all. Readers, I present to you Akuffo Addo!

Did he say President Mills should respond to President Obama on gay issues? This actually made me wonder if Mr. Amponsah is a friend to media; for Mills has stated unequivocally that “ As I am President of the nation, I would NEVER (emphasis mine) initiate nor support any attempt to legalize Homosexuality in Ghana”, in his rebuttal speech to PM Cameron in relation to “ Aids with Homo” on 1st November, 2011. Again, in a speech read on his behalf at Saltpond Festival in August, 2011; he echoed that he will fight vices like homosexuality, and that “Our moral values are greatly threatened by our desperate pursuit of materialism…” In other words, our cultural and morale value will not compromise our dignity for “Homo Aids”. These he opined publicly, and religious leaders, traditional authorities, opinion leaders and right-thinking Ghanaians have equally condemned the PM; except your coward Nana who flew to UK and “ chided Cameron at # 10 Downing Street” as reported by your communication teams on a counterfeit website. By the way, Kweku Baako has apologized for condoning with that plot after he was exposed. What could have been more intelligent than protecting one’s heritage and culture identity? And what else should the President say to Obama, which will be different from those earlier statements made to Cameron who flocks with Obama in ideology? About Mills taking a “Holiday” and “Rest” and “receiving medical treatment” in Western World, USA precisely; what is strange about it? Amponsah, do you know how many times your party “Grandpa” J.A Kuffour travelled to the Western World during his tenure to take “Rest and Per diem”? In case, you don’t know, the Guinness record book will reveal soon and conferred on him another medal “The World Most Travelled President” Award. Also, if you don’t know, your idol Akuffo Addo spent about half of his age in the Diaspora where his dentures were made. After all, “All treatment be treatment”! So you see, there is nothing extraordinary in receiving treatment in abroad. Especially, when one is on business trip and happens to get sick (not agreeing to your statement though). To educate you further; it is in line of duty for Presidents and government Officials to travel and conduct diplomatic businesses abroad (Not Amoateng’s sniffy-whites business). And it is in that direction that Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton among other world leaders had visited Ghana and other Nations. If the UN HQ were to be in e.g Madagascar, Mills would have gone there to engage the U.N Sec. General. Check to see how many Westerners are in Ghana working or taking a “rest”. On the other hand, if Western Countries were that hostile to foreigners, you wouldn’t have been in New York nurturing “Kontonmire” (Green Leafy Vegetable), let alone seeking medical attention in your infirmity. So what is the crime of the President?

Penultimately, Mr. Amponsah, as for me I live in a glass house and that’s why I will not even bend to attempt picking a stone, let alone throwing it! Despite the luxurious campaign in 2008, Ghanaians saw the truth and the light in Prof Mills and voted him to power. With all your diabolical plans, you lost. Now, to stamp your double-standard views, Akuffo Addo is wandering hither and thither on a “Pissing Campaign” denigrating sacred Moslem mosques; the very religion you associate with! NPP now knows the effectiveness of door to door campaign they mocked in 2008 by then candidate Mills? No. it’s not only the errands. Character plays the greater part. With the “Better Ghana Agenda” smattering the length and breadth of the country, please “communicate” to Nana to concede defeat in advance. No one should dare attempting anything fishy. Prez Mills had foreseen and heeded to your advice to show that “he’s in charge” by stating blatantly that any Ghanaian with an intent and attempts to cause pandemonium in the country at any time shall be dealt with according to the Laws of the Land. That is leadership.

To rest my case, I hope this tutelage has uprooted your erroneous impressions and the inconsistencies shared by you and your low IQ lawyer Sir John. Good day!!



Columnist: Goka, Frank