A coward society;a threat to national security

Fri, 27 Sep 2013 Source: GhanabaJnr

Why is everybody blaming government, for the increase in the utilities & other services?

Why not blaming the Society of Ghana, which have been docile, lame, indifference, slapdash, hypocrite, self centered & praise singers for this untidiness, we all are going through? When government realizes that, her people are coward, it fails to act sensitively, so at the end this coward society suffer; after all non of the officials of the government pays for even chewing gum, let alone the Astronomical increment of Petrol, Gas, Kerosene, Water, Electricity, Import duties, VAT, Car licensing, School fees etc .Until the Society (The Shareholders) demands for their "Right & Privileges", No government will give what Society Deserve? As for me, I won't be part of those who blame government on this hardship driven Policies, but we the Society are to be blame. Until sustained Civil Up-rising to demand for our Rights & Privileges, this wickedness will persist government after government? Afterall, we pay all the Revenues and Expenses of this Utility Companies through our Taxes...! Where are the Civil Societies, the Peace Council, The Christian Council, The Bar Association, TUC, Muslim Community, The Traditional Rulers, Farmers Association, Traders, Market Women, Driver Unions, National Security, Bankers Association, Business Class, Corporate & Professionals, Middle Class, Lower Class, Upper Echelon, Media and everybody from Hamele to Hafasini? “To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice” (Confucius BC 551-BC 479 Chinese philosopher). This is aptly for the very attitude of Majority of our country men, which has the propensity to break the Nation Ghana. Who is protecting the interest of the State, is it the Judiciary, Parliament, Executive, Media or the State which has her shareholders been lamed?

Ghana deserves better, time to speak and backed by sustained action for the Protection of the State Ghana. We can’t pretend to be worry of only Election matters, because severe hardship breeds societal vices such as; armed rubbery, stealing, prostitution, joblessness, starvation, folding up of enterprises, and even stifling government revenue mobilization which go a long way to also affect development.

These things affect the security and cohesion of the State more than anything else, yet the voices we heard during the election period and the Supreme Court matter are all mute because they are enjoying their luxury.

When majority of the State feels uncared for, the burden of threat of insecurity is shifted to the affluent in the State. So, if “YOU” want to enjoy your luxury, begin to trigger action for the voiceless, else, Society will become insecure for all.




Columnist: GhanabaJnr