RE: Mahama’s killers cursed; No leader can ever come from Denkyira–Boase – Rev Ankrah

General Sam Korankye Ankrah1 Sam Korankye Ankrah

Sat, 8 Jul 2017 Source: Elijah Bogya Tum

Dr Apostle, Chief Prophet, President-General Korankye Ankrah, I hope you are the most holy man in Ghana, right? You have no sin, so ‘you will throw the first stone’ eh? The earth has seen several 'murderers and evil men' who have lived well, and died way beyond 70 years.

Iddi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seku, Siad Barre, General Eyadema, Chairman Mao, and countless multitudes fit into this description. I hope you will extend your curse to cover any such murderers who may be alive today. By so doing, you would have done lots of good service to humanity.

Most Holy Pope Korankye Ankrah, Jesus Christ died at the age of 33. Was he under the same curse you have placed on the people of Denkyira? How about John the Baptist and Stephen?

Most Holy Professor Reverend, in our present dispensation, 'full-life on earth is fulfilling God's calling upon a person', and not just living to be 100 years and even more. Most of the Missionaries who came to build schools and preached the Gospel to our fathers, died at very young ages. William Seymour, the founder of modern-day Pentecostalism died just about the age of fifty.

Benson Idahosa died at about 63- right? John the Baptist, Apostle Peter and several of the Apostles and indeed millions of Believers were bludgeoned to death at relatively young ages. There are Christians who are still dying young through persecution and the wickedness of our present decadent societies.

False Teachers and Prophets, make it seem that if one died early in life, he did not 'enjoy-life'.

Your curse also included 'none of the people becoming leaders'. May I know what kind of leadership you are referring to? In the Biblical Story of Lazarus and the Richman, Lazarus had no leadership position, yet in eternity he was deemed fairly 'successful'. Jesus had alluded to the fact that 'many who are first now, could be last in His Kingdom'.

Adam and Eve just ate a fruit God had warned them against. And that has resulted in the Curse upon humanity. This tells you that murder may not be the most grievous sin. How long will your children live, if they sinned occasionally? Do you ask God to forgive your sins daily?

Do you sin at all? Oh Papa Osofo, do you know Apostle Paul was a murderer too? Bishop General, I believe you would have placed a similar curse on Paul, if you were his contemporary- right? You know thirteen books of the Bible would have 'died' with him? All the great works of the Great Apostle would have been lost because of your prescription and prophecy.

Great Bishop, Great-Apostle, Mighty Pastor, Major Prophet-General, please let us serve the Lord with humility and be especially kind towards all sinners. But for Jesus, we are all liars, murderers, thieves, greedy bastards, adulterers, fornicators, accursed and hell-bound!

Those murderers must be punished by our laws, but we must pray for them- that they will repent of their sins and seek to serve the Lord.

Why should we curse these young-men and become friends with political-criminals whose activities send thousands into 'early graves'? We have the impudence to pray that these criminals are not arrested, but shielded from harm. They come to our churches and fill our Offering Bowls with Stolen Wealth.

And boy, Venerated Holy Prophet, don't we offer the most 'bombastic' prayers for these? We strengthen their hands to go continue 'sucking the blood' of the poor.

Finally Senior-most Apostle-Arch-Bishop, when are you going to lead us to CURSE the Europeans, Americans, and lately the Chinese who for several hundreds of years murdered our fathers, stole our wealth and enslaved us?

Apostle-Bishop-Most-Highest-Priest, several times I have heard you pray for victory for the Black Stars, and yet it has been so long since we last won even the African Cup of Nations.

Thanks be to Jesus who has paid for the redemption of all men, especially the chiefs among sinners. Major Mahama's death was a barbaric act by human beings empowered by the devil and nonsense. But all of us have the same barbarism-monster living in us.

Even the Most-Holy-Prophets, Popes, Tongues-blasting Apostle Generals, General Overseers, Miracle-workers, Left-Reverends, Center-Reverends, Right-Reverends, Chief Priests, Primates, etc, etc; every now and then have this monster pop up and misbehave through them.

Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy!!!

Columnist: Elijah Bogya Tum
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