Opinions Wed, 12 Nov 2014

RE: Minority leadership accused of flirting with government.

My attention has been drawn to a false and malicious publication by Alhaji Bature's Al-hajj newspaper, with the headline "Minority Leadership accused of flirting with government." In the publication, I am reported to have made certain remarks in an interview with Montie fm.

I wish to state categorically that the claims attributed to me in the publication are out-rightly false and fabricated only to satisfy the diabolic intent of the Al-hajj newspaper.

I did grant an interview on Montie FM last Friday. However, at no point did I infer or state that the flagbearer of the party had directed the reversal of any appointment made by the National Executive.

Indeed, if the Al-hajj newspaper was interested in responsible journalism, it would have been able to verify that per the NPP's structure, the flagbearer cannot direct the reversal of any appointment made by the National Executives of the party.

In the interview with Montie FM, which the newspaper is distorting, I stated emphatically that the party has closed ranks after its internal contest and, refreshingly, Nana Akufo-Addo, the party's leader has shown through concrete actions, his readiness to work with every member of the party. It is hence bizarre that the Al-hajj newspaper is publishing a rather weird twist to a harmless interview I granted.

It is obvious the paper has a penchant for embellishing facts and fabricating stories especially about the NPP.

I would however sound this warning that the Newspaper desists from roping myself in any more of its diabolic publications. Indeed, I will remind the newspaper that, next time, I would not be charitable to issue this rejoinder but will seek full redress in the court of law.


Samuel Awuku

NPP National youth Organizer

Columnist: Awuku, Samuel