RE. Oh What A Bleak Christmas

Fri, 28 Dec 2012 Source: Kwawukume, Andy C. Y.

It is clear the writer, Cameron Duodu, our veteran journalist of no mean repute, was so peeved at the NPP losing the elections that he is out to grasp at straws to support an Akufo Addo win. I am on public record as saying that I'd be depressed whoever won the elections - NDC or NPP - since I had written off my own persuasion in the Nkrumahist splintered parties years ago as delusional elements. Having shown themselves to be indeed delusional nincompoops and comic reliefs consumed by their own egos and self-delusions, I was nursing my own delusion that the public humiliation would make them get some sense back but so far it doesn’t appear to be. They have made themselves pathetically irrelevant in this dispute, as if they also did not get the same results from the polling booths and the collation centres that are in dispute and so should weigh in to tell us if there was indeed some changes to those released by the EC. Idiots and morons, besides being charlatans, impostors and crooks, have indeed been constantly trying to rule us to disastrous effects so far! Ghana should have been at far, far greater heights than we are at the moment, folks!

Indeed, I really didn't care who won but that doesn't mean I'd sit by and allow chicanery and demagoguery to continue to prevail. Since I can hit my thin chest and proclaim that after over 400 years of association with those considered civilised now, I have cosmologically evolved from the primitive substantive rationalisation level of most of my fellow Ghanaians, I can therefore view life objectively and rationally. I must speak out! After all, that country belongs to me too. The forefathers of some of us fought over it and eventually brought it to the level of the model colony with standard of life comparable to southern and eastern Europe by the 1950s, a level we are just regaining after many decades of misrule and plunder by the new wannabe rulers, mostly crooks, charlatans, impostors and lawless elements dubbed the so-called modern, post-colonial leaders.

Now, whereas I agree with Cameron that Ghanaians seem to be brainless and I prefer to refer to them as backward people, rather than the politically correct euphemism “developing people,” I think his own write-up epitomises that naivety and simplicity in reasoning with a high dosage of gullibility exhibited by backward people stepped in the belief and worship of all kinds of spirits. Let's see.

1. Materials not arriving on time or election officials turning up late are indeed examples of incompetence but they are not proofs of voting or electoral fraud. It is like the logical problem/fallacy of trying to derive "is" from "ought" to imply or claim so. Let us dismiss off-hand this imputation by Cameron.

2. Verification machines breaking down due to poor training on battery change and voting having to continue the next day, necessitating storing some ballot boxes at police stations are also instances of incompetence but once again they don't qualify as voting fraud. All these events must be premeditated and arrangements made for extra ballots to stuff into the boxes, etc., etc. Any allegations or proofs to that effect? I have not heard one yet. Insinuations dismissed outright as just merely speculative.

3. How did Cameron get to know that the discrepancies corrected for have not been cross-checked by the EC? We read that the NPP indeed presented some data to the EC and members of the Peace Council but these were found to be untenable. This claim is clearly unfounded. Dismissed.

4. As for the claim associated with the Israeli company STL, when I first heard it I laughed and thought it was a joke directed at the NPP. My cousin who told me said his engineer friend who told him was an NPP supporter and he was serious! “Wow! Really?!” I queried in astonishment! My final conclusion was that most Ghanaians are indeed dumb! Well, with even Professors believing in TB Joshua and all those Christian charlatans forecasting, I mean prophesying, election results, why wouldn't they believe in such a tall tale if Israelis, Jesus supposed people, are indeed credited with such a feat? After all, they can raise the dead! Bah!

It goes like this. The company was hired to intercept the faxed data sent to the EC office, change them where necessary in favour of John Mahama before relaying the doctored data to the EC. So the data from the collation data was different from those received at the EC office! Phew! Sounds like from science fiction! But that was the initial claims which led to the besieging of the company office at Kokomlemle. How outlandish could it get? This claim has since been modified to, the NDC bribed the collation centre agents and everybody else, including their own NPP agents, to change the figures from the polling booths and thus the figures sent by them to the EC did not tally with the ones received from the polling booths! Right? I guess their defeated MPs were also bribed by the NDC! My depression deepens but I need a shrink rather than some nebulous god in the sky!

5. OK. So far, even the NPP has agreed that voting was free and fair. Thus, what they are contesting is that the results in their favour at the booths, as in the hands of my former roommate Sir John, the NPP General Secretary, have been changed at the collation centres before being sent to the EC. How plausible is this, especially when failed NPP parliamentary candidates, with the exception of a few, have not noticed and complained of any such discrepancies where they lost? OK. Cameron said they were very stealthy like Ninjas! But could that explain how the NDC won 150 seats to the 127 of the NPP and still lose the presidential poll to the NPP? What kind of skirt and blouse voting is that? This presumption seems too incredulous to meet the tenets of any rational explanation. I need to have my head examined to make sense of it!

Several weeks have gone since the elections and the NPP is still gathering the evidence they claimed they already had pointing out that they had won. What kind of dubious, hanky panky is that? Look, some of us don’t even believe in the myths that a god created this universe and all that hocus pocus almost all Ghanaians seem to be engaged in. We only believe in hard verifiable facts, so give us some juice and stop this nonsense, since the lay out on the ground clearly shows that the NPP has lost both the parliamentary and presidential elections and the NDC has won both! And I am depressed anyhow! I think I must make that appointment to see the shrink now. I seriously advise all NPPians who believe that Nana won to take my advice and see a shrink too! Good for your depressions.

Andy C.Y. Kwawukume


Columnist: Kwawukume, Andy C. Y.