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RE: Open Letter to GNP

RE: Open Letter to GNP

Thu, 1 May 2008 Source: Danso, Kwaku A.

Dear Kwabena,


I don't know who and where you sent this open letter to, but if you had my private email, why did you put your first letter on Ghanaweb and not to me, or through known friends you were communicating with earlier? It is even strange how I got this letter, since it was put in a screened inbox I hardly ever look into.

Kwabena, didn't you read on March 29 my response to this issue? Why don't you read that before all this finger pointing? Also the executive Chairman issued a press release and you should have read it also. PLEASE note that Ghanaweb does not publish mail the same day one sends a response and you should as a courtesy ask before jumping with such articles meant to impugn motives and generate all this waste of our time yestrday. I spent a good 3 years reseaching and asking questions between 2004 and 2006 before I started strongly criticizing the NPP government. Ministers, Deputies and their assistants in Water and Works stood me up when I arrived at a meeting with them. I sensed a delibrate effort to deceive the public before I became so critical of them! Remember many of them are our friends!

I just don't understand you. To some of you, it appears we should ignore what is going on, the public thievery where loans for roads, water delivery, electricity, school grants, etc, vanish and not accounted for, or projects done to specifications, until we are perfect or can set up groups that make no mistakes, ever!! Are we all appointed or elected to serve and be paid? If we overseas make fraudulent mistakes on our jobs, take millions of dollars in grants and loans and don't deliver products and services, would we still have our jobs? Come ooooon!!!

Time does not allow some of us to engage in fruitless and endless debate, and that is why I removed you from our forum since you never admit mistakes and you never open up who you work for and your background when asked. I don't like people like that on our forum. I just don't trust them. Not every aspect of life is a democracy and on our forum I make decisions based on what I perceive to be in line with our goals. It takes some time and effort off our limited resource from our own for-profit private enterprises, spend time to engage in Ghanaian social activities, and create and manage pressure groups and forum to try to effect changes in Ghana to help curb the burden and suffering of our people under corrupt and greedy leadership. I did the same thing underground in 1990/91 and thank God it helped change events and had Rawlings and the PNDC convinced to call for elections!

Kwabena, I do the best I can when I see social injustice, unlike some who perhaps choose to seek to their private businesses only and not engage till others bring up public issues. If enough people in Ghana were as active as some of us, our democracy might have been far better advanced - perhaps our leaders might listen better or the people can wrestle power away from them since these leaders don't seem to understand their roles in the democracy.

Kwabena, we are all using the white man's langage and we are all at diferent levels of understanding of the language and concepts. I don't think you understood the words I used. Please read my words well, or have one English major you know analyze and tell me what this implies or means: If Amo Aidoo "was misquoted once in his pres conference", it does not imply every statement he made was a misquote. I never said that. If the man told a story or lied and we were not aware of it, it is a mistake, and we sanctioned him. Period! I am not in Ghana and from what I gathered from the Executive Chariman, Ofori Ampofo, that is what happened. He simply gave an excuse instead of tell exactly what the EC had agreed to, in order to avoid criticism of or confrontation with the EC. The EC office had assured GNP everything was fine some two months earler, before we started inviting people. Some 3 weeks before the date a routine check fou nd out that one Director had the envelope and forms still siting on his desk. It was not until a few days before the event that the EC office called and not until after the Asst. Secreatyr had said on a RAido itnerview taht GNP woudl change the economic structures of Ghana form the top.

Kwabena, you advice, as all advice, is well taken, but trust me we did follow the procedures and consulted with the EC on all matters.

Kwabena, time does not allow me further debate on such matters when in fact we have responded, taken action that needs to be taken and we have 14 million without water in Ghana. You and I need to get busy trying all efforts to make our democracy work and not engage in trivialities like this as you seem to delight in. If you want to imply that I am dishonest because an interim chairman of GNP made up a story, say so, and see the public response. But don't try this nasty implications and publicity pull-me-down stuff! If you yourself know Ghana is not going as it should, it is your duty and responsiblity, just like mine and ours, to try and do something about it. Don't wait till God makes every body you know in Ghana perfect!

Thank you.



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Columnist: Danso, Kwaku A.