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RE: Political Dynamics Of The Wa Central Constituency


BY: M. Adnan And A.A. Passum

In this interesting article, “THE POLITICAL DYNAMICS OF THE WA CENTRAL CONSTITUENCY” posted on Tuesday, 3rd of August 2010 on Ghanaweb, Samad Danaa gives the weight of his distinguished authority to the view that, “ over the years the Wa central constituency has witnessed a voting pattern that has always been skewed infavor of the NDC. To this end local vibes has it that if even a “goat” can contest for the seat under the ticket of the NDC, that “goat” will be in parliament”. In what follows, we do not propose to do more than take up some particular points made by Samad Danaa and tackle them as they are. The down side of political correctness means that anyone can proclaim their grievances and have it acknowledged. But, it is the duty of every Ghanaian to ensure that anyone who paddles lies, delusion and dishonesty is called to order.

The conclusion, that “people in the constituency revere former president Rawlings in no small terms ….and to them; the NDC brought the creation of the region ….. And under his watch, sons of the region served in key ministerial positions as well as in cabinet,” sounds so childish, vague, rant, rave and idiotic if one will take the statement as it is. But, for the sake of intellectualism we deem it our topmost priority to educate you on the subject. In Ghana it does not take a critical observer to notice that in some particular regions or constituencies the voting pattern will always skew to the right or left depending on a region or constituency loyalty to a political party. The NDC never created the other two northern regions neither the Volta region, but the voting patterns across these areas since 1993 have always been in favor of the NDC. That leaves us with many questions that demand urgent answers as to what is informing such decisions in those regions. If this myth is something to go by, then we ask ourselves why would an intellectual like Dr Kumbuo loose his seat to his opponent while the party NDC won in his constituency and the same applied to Alice Boom? It takes simple logic to understand that, Samad Danaa has no bases for his issues raised and has no facts to back them. Also, the mention of the former deputy minister of Agriculture Element Eledi and his loss to the seat attributed to this myth is nothing but a figment of Samad’s imagination. We ask ourselves, when Hon. Eledi in the kuffor administration was appointed as the deputy minister for Agriculture, what did he do as a minister to help his people knowing very well that the people are so much into Agriculture. Instead under his watch, the constituency’s poverty rate shoots up rendering so many farmers to abandon the sector. All of these are on records. If this man could not help us as a deputy minister for agriculture, why should we send him to parliament? Statistics are there to prove to us all, that NDC gained more votes in the parliamentary elections in 2008 than in 2000 when Elledi stood in both occasions as a candidate for the NPP. We ask ourselves why? Please let’s all take the pain to revisit history and learn to acknowledge what is right and true about our beginning and hail our redeemers.

One could not blame the average unemployed Ghanaian for his cynicism and especially when he is desperate to be heard in order to strengthen his tights with those he perceives can bring food on his table. It will interest Samad Danaa to know that when a man begins to speak above his scope of understanding his ignorance becomes apparent. Even if the NDC have the “luxury of sticking to Consensus building as a form of choosing a candidate” which we doubt is the case, does not defy our democratic process. To these facts may be added that in 2004 Hon. Rashid Pelpuo had to go through a keenly contested primaries with one Mr. Hudi to become the candidate for the NDC seat, which he eventually won massively to represent the constituency in parliament. It is said that one good turn deserves another. Soon after Rashid pelpuo became the MP he gambol into serious business and having been satisfied with his achievements, members of the party unanimously agreed that he should go unopposed in the 2008 elections which is a democratic process. Also our own former president J.A kuffor in 2004 had to go unopposed as the flag bearer of the NPP through consensus building which is normal of a democratic process. It is sad, pathetic and disheartens to hear those who ought to know better speak in a manner that is regrettable. Samad Danaa the mere fact that you have acquired academic certificates does not make you better than those gallant and illustrious men and women of the constituency you call “illiterate folks”. Do you mean to tell us that we the constituents have made wrong choices in terms of our voting pattern over the years? The electorates of Wa central constituency deserve to be applauded but not ragged with an insult like this. If you still stick to this unfortunate theory then I ask you, what did the NPP do to salvage the people of Wa central constituent during their eight year period. Were we as a region awarded a slot in cabinet? I recall when president Kuffour was asked on this matter, his answer was that there was no productive mind in the region to take up the challenge of a cabinet portfolio. As true sons of the land we see this as a pinch of salt to our integrity. To us, NDC deserved to be worshipped because it gave us not just a region but Good roads, electricity, portable water, good telecommunication network and so on. This, shallow and myopic believe and understanding of governance by the elite is outmoded and history has vindicated us with evidence, that even those who did not pass through the so called former education system have also contributed tremendously for the betterment of mother Ghana. One of such Guru is Krobo Adusie a finest politician this country has ever produce. It is with utmost humility that I will like to question your hypocritical and parasitic attitude on this piece.

On education, Samad Danaa stated that “More brilliant but needy children throng the streets because they can’t afford school fees. Tertiary students over the country are being turned out of exam halls every now and then because of tuition fees. Yet we don’t see any initiative by our concerned MP in fixing the problems for which he was elected. The lame attempt at education has only seen us through a system where only law and medical students are given paltry sums which can hardly take them through their meals.” This rather sounds unfortunate if one is aware of Hon. Rashid pelpuo’s contribution to education in the constituency. One key to writing is sourcing the right information of the subject matter. In the case of Samad Danaa he failed to gather for himself the right information and eventually polarize readers with this piece of unfair attributes. Hon. Rashid Pelpuo was the first of his kind in the whole of upper west region to initiate a scheme to sponsor students who had admissions to read law or medicine at the university. He realized that the constituency lacked expert in areas of medicine and law, for that matter he committed chunk of this common fund to paying their fees and other academic related expenses yearly. Quite apart from this, students who gained admission into other tertiary institutions for other courses are helped with their first year fees. Such efforts need to be applauded, but if Samad Danaa chooses to see otherwise it will not be a surprise because no matter how beautiful a chick dances it will never please the hawk. Moreover various elementary schools within WA central constituency have received new looks by way of renovations so as to make learning more convenient and conducive for students. Notable among these schools are: Fongo E. A, T. I Ahmadiyya, Tendaamba (six class room block renovation), Falahiyya (six classroom renovation), Wa model, kpongu school, Adabia and many more. As we are today, a total of 455 students which includes both secondary and tertiary students are under the care of Hon Rashid Pelpuo not to talk of those that had scholarships to study abroad. Notable among these countries are Egypt, Russia and the United states. These students after their studies will definetly give back to society what society has given to them. All records of these statistics and facts can be found at the Wa district assembly. Common sense will tell us that, it will take a more resourceful mind and a proactive leader to achieve all this since we all know that the MP’s common fund is just a token.

Poverty has always been an issue to talk about when it comes to the upper west region. Experts even say it is one of the poorest regions in the country. Now we ask ourselves what conscious efforts have other government institutions and individuals who hold sensitive positions done to curb this situation. Should it be a collaborative effort by the District assembly, MP, Regional administration and the government at large to solve some of these issues or just the MP? It is time we all go back to really take a serious look at the core responsibilities of an MP. We ask again is it the responsibility of an MP to create jobs in his constituency? The core duty of an MP is to represents his constituency in parliament so as to channel their plights and grievances to the government and makes sure that, if not all but some of their problems are addressed. The recent award for a construction of Wa regional hospital and the numerous water projects as well as various Get fund projects within the Wa central and other constituencies in the upper west region, are as a result of efforts put in by Hon. Rashid pelpuo and other Hon. colleagues from the region that we are today having these facilities. Your poor brain is already being impregnated with wishful thinking that will never see the birth of a new day, if you can claim that “ just like his predecessor, has Honorable Rashid also lived up to the billing of transforming the lives and society which was entrusted to him?” We say yes, because the telepathic accomplishments of Hon. Rashid Pelpuo within the constituency, the region and Ghana at large will ensure that you are automatically grounded in consensus reality with the majority of Ghanaians. We can hear the cynic’s chuckled and see him shrug nonchalantly but that does not change the truth.


Samad Danaa had the effrontery and impudence to talk of things he has no knowledge of. We would have pardon him, if his statement that “our dear MP is pre-occupied with the acquisition of modern state –of- the- art automobiles ranging from Lexus, Toyota Land Cruiser to the much talked about multimillion- dollar Range Rover” is base on genuine ignorance, which is profitable if it is accompanied by humility, curiosity and open mindedness, but to be ignorance of one’s ignorance is the death of one’s knowledge and therefore the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter. For your information the honorable Rashid pelpuo has no Lexus in his name and the Toyota land cruiser you talk of, is a duty post vehicle. This attitude of hiding behind veils to score cheap popularity in the name of making careful critique does not make you smarter but a mischievous infiltrator. Come again, if you have nothing better to contribute towards the development of our dear constituency, the region and mother Ghana at large. Spare us the tantrums, time and energy with the garbage you feed the public. Samad Danaa no one begrudges you if you want to go on praise singing for Bernard mornah, because it right to give thanks to the fingers that feed you. We must state hear that, Bernard is a fine gentleman that commands our respect and we the youth of Wa central constituency see confidence and hope in him, as he inspires some of us. Nevertheless the so called “ astuteness, and ingrained leadership qualities, Mr. Mornah served with as deputy CEO of the local organizing committee that successfully hosted the Hockey African Cup of Nations in Ghana last year was under the watch of honorable Rashid pelpuo. If Bernard’s representation at the “interim seven- member steering committee to come out with a charter on political parties in West Africa at a conference staged in Abidjan- Cote D’Ivoire” is something that we should applaud then Ghanaians should get ready to wail because as we are writing this piece Hon. Rashid pelpuo is in south Africa representing Ghana at the ongoing pan-African session.

We believe at this point, much deliberation has been made on the issues raised by Samad. We also want to emphasis on the fact that, we are so proud with the enormous contribution made by Honorable Rashid pelpuo towards both the human and infrastructural development of the constituency. We are inspired by his way of conduct and morality. Also, the fact that Government and the good people of Ghana have recognized his contributions to mother Ghana is something that we are proud of. We heard the public outcry, when Hon. Pelpuo was reshuffled to become the deputy majority leader. The achievements of Hon. Rashid Pelpuo did not happen in a vacuum, if you care to know as the saying goes “the height by which great men reach and kept was not attained by a sudden flight but they while their companions slept were busily burning the night candles”. God bless hon. Rashid Pelpuo, God bless the Wa central constituency, God bless the upper west region and mother Ghana at large.

Columnist: Adnan & Passum