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RE: UEW Pro-VC Rev. Afful Broni’s greed misled Afenyo Markins

To start with, is Honourable Alex Afenyo Markin complaining that someone has misled him? Hon. Markin is more than determined to play his part in rooting out corruption at UEW in particular and Ghana in general. The only individuals who have been misled are Prof. Avoke and his bunch of blind followers by Ackorlie. Ackorlie assured every foolish person taking instructions from him that he had everything under control. I am sure he still has everything under control? The injunction and interdiction are mere dreams, so everything is still under Ackorlie's wildest control. No worries whatsoever!!

Eric Appiah’s ability to creatively concoct tales is really admirable. One can only imagine how much Ackorlie and Prof. Avoke pay him weekly or is it per an article from the looted UEW funds?

The story they told at the Flagstaff House while pleading for the illegal appointment of Prof. Avoke as the VC of UEW was that Rev. Afful-Broni, the leading applicant, was a strong NPP financier, and thus could not be appointed by an NDC government. In an about turn in one of Prof. Avoke engineered articles by a faceless and toothless Eric Appiah, he claimed that the Rev. acquired an NDC membership card during the search for the VC of UEW in 2015.

The contradictory statements of Prof. Avoke and his paid stupid scribes are glaring for the whole world to see. In one instance, they claim the Rev. is not an NDC member, and in another instance, they claim that the Rev. has acquired an NDC membership card!

Where is the shred of evidence or a minute record that the Rev. had ever registered for any political party membership?

Eric Appiah must be drunk from his regular spot visitations coupled with some concoctions given him by Prof. Avoke, Ackorlie, Adhzalie, and Kaakyire. The claims he makes regarding the non-qualification of the Rev. are pathetic. Clearly, he is either too stupid to remember the advert placed for the position of the UEW VC Vis-a-Vis the applicant’s qualifications or he is simply so evil that truth has departed from his abode.

Which TEWU members did the Rev. hire to write to the Search Party in his favour?

Why did the Rev. try to bribe only 2 out of the 7 members of the Search party? Was it because the other 5 had already been bought by Prof. Avoke and Ackorlie? Eric Appiah Bekoe (Eric Appiah unmasked) may not even know that those compromised members were paid in US dollars!! How do I know? Bekoe (Eric Appiah) and his cohort messengers were bragging about it after they had returned from paying!

The dirty dealings with Allotey Jacobs, in the lead up to the appointment of Prof. Avoke as the VC of UEW, and the continuance of that shameful relationship after Prof. Avoke's appointment, are matters in the public domain. Allotey Jacobs himself bragged about how he was being well taken care of by Prof. Avoke.

Where was Eric Appiah during the contest for the Rev’s Pro VC position? It is on record that due to his impeccable track record, more than enough people from all levels campaigned for him, and his victory was phenomenal.

The Rev. has never had to tell any stories to Hon. Afenyo Markin regarding the unprecedented levels of corruption in many areas of UEW. All concerned reasonable Ghanaians know about the corrupt practices of the interdicted officers.

- Which University in Ghana, or anywhere in the world allows its VC, FO, and Registrar to travel overseas on monthly basis, sitting in business class and returning home each time with per diems of US$10,000 EACH?

- Which University in Ghana or anywhere will tolerate the sharing of 5% interest accrued on government funds invested by that University to the VC, FO and Registrar?

- Apart from UEW, which state University will allow its retiring Registrar to remove all 8 ceiling fans and 2 air conditioners from his duty post on campus to his personal home?

- Which University in any civilised nation will allow its retiring top officials (except Pro VCs) to carry home all household equipment including furniture?

- Where in this world will a state University allow its retiring Registrar to take home an almost brand new Mercedes-Benz saloon car valued at over US$40,000?

- Which University will allow its VC and FO to order 200 wellington boots through Procurement, pretending to supply them to University workers and instead carry them to their farms in the Volta region? If Eric Appiah wants to challenge this, I will willingly take him to the Procurement Unit for verification.

- Which University will award a contract totalling over 4 million Ghana cedis without regard to the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663) as amended?

- Which University will start blowing over 4 million Ghana cedis in 2013 and prepare a fake and shambolic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dated 2015 to cover same on an apology of a 1.5 km dual carriageway? (By the way who said that Prof. Asabere-Ameyaw was being exonerated?)

Eric Appiah is probably drunk, which is why he is trying to tell the reading public that the Procurement processes of Prof. Avoke and Ackorlie were without fault.

Eric Appiah (Bekoe) is desperate to throw dust into people’s eyes as usual, by telling tales about the UEW GUSSS projects. Why isn’t he telling the public the facts?

- That the initial projects were to be financed by a foreign firm

- That as a condition, the firm was to be involved in the selection of contractors

- That the FO hijacked the projects, seeing that he could take kickbacks (as much as 10% of contract sums) from the Ghanaian contractors who were fully aware that they did not qualify for the contracts

- That he Bekoe was very furious and made numerous public pronouncements on his dissatisfaction with the FO’s crooked activities. This was before Dr. Bekoe was silenced with bribes from the crooks you know

- That upon realising that the total sums of these projects far exceeded the total reserves of UEW GUSSS, the Board tried to secure a bank loan which fell through

- That the VC and FO secretly took over 30 million Ghana cedis from the funds of UEW Winneba, Kumasi and Mampong campuses without the knowledge of even their College Principals or the Finance Committee - to fund the GUSSS projects

Dr Bekoe should bow his head in shame for participating in such illegalities and is now using pseudo names to spew lies with the misplaced hope of gaining undue sympathies!

Dr. Bekoe is barking and threatening to destroy the GUSSS because his stealing efforts are now known. He is fighting the Council Chairman’s headship over the GUSSS with his usual trait of stupid excuses.

For the information of Bekoe, the Ag VC has never written to contractors to stop work. The stop work was as a result of a court order, followed by Management meeting with all the stakeholders including the Contractors and the Consultants.

It is a lie that a contractor has come to UEW for variations running into millions of cedis. It is rather Bekoe’s kickbacks that must be running into millions of Ghana cedis!

While Bekoe’s next pack of lies is awaited, he is assured that better and credible evidence abound to betray the liar that he is, and his desperate attempt at deceiving gullible readers.

Fortunately, he has succeeded in gaining notoriety for being a useless strike caller, 'my-way-or-no-way guy', and pity personified. He has failed to continue fooling UTAG national this time round and now he has resorted to the use of pseudo names in social media. Pity!

No one who has milked UEW and for that matter poor Ghanaians of their hard earned money in the manner captured above, and more revelations to come, will get away with it.

The core issues at UEW are the circumvention of the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663) as amended, and Prof. Avoke and Ackorlie having been recommended by an illegal council for appointment. These are the legal issues to be addressed. The smear campaign against the constitutionally appointed Council Chairman and Ag. VC, and soon to be VC, is yielding only one result, more damning revelations of Prof. Avoke near-murderous nocturnal activities at UEW!

At the moment, Prof. Avoke is in charge of a train that is in an advanced state of derailment, so he is doomed! If one is not a witch, why will you be scared to death of witch hunters? Hon. Markin (witch hunter) is coming like 'Kai Kai' for the corrupt UEW officials (witches)!!!

Columnist: Alhassan Bawah

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