RE: Why I am against John Mahama's 2020 Presidential bid (Part 1)!

Sun, 30 Jul 2017 Source: Yayra KD

Dear Dela Coffie aka The Political Entrepreneur, I hope you are doing well.

The political season is here again as we prepare to elect a leader to lead the NDC in the 2020 election and predictably enough, your JOB is back and well cut out for you: Writing articles to degenerate other candidates so that you can be called and sorted out.

The last time I checked, you were part of the youth who were calling for a change in the leadership of NDC in the run-up to the 2012 election. You and your FONKA team were of the opinion that Late Mills was not the best to lead the NDC. You were in support of Nana Konadu and wrote all kinds of things against Prof Mills. You were fortunate at the time because after strategically calling Mills all kinds of names the Late David Lamptey called you and sorted you out with money to buy your silence.

Comrade Dela, so your season is here again and you think you can do same with John Mahama and be called, right? Unfortunately for you, David Lamptey is no more. Sorry for you this time, for, you won't make even 1 pesewa. You can write till your ink FINISHES.

Now let me answer you on some issues you raised in that Political Entrepreneurial Article titled "Why I Am Against John Mahama's 2020 Presidential Bid (Part 1)".

I plead with you to try and write till Part 200

Let me quote you in that illogical article: "Many of these political neophytes had their major life changing experiences under John Mahama". Dela the political entrepreneur, I agree with you perfectly on this but I think you are one of the greatest beneficiaries under John Mahama’s government. Do you remember I had to call you sometime back in September 2016 about a guy you collected money from under the pretext of working through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Flagstaff House to get him a visa to the USA? You remember I told you the guy wanted to report the matter as fraud to the police but I begged him to hold on and that I was going to talk to you to solve the problem?

I hope you remember the case between Edem Agbana's brother and you where you claimed you worked at the Flagstaff House? You also pretended to be very close to John Mahama and claimed that you could help him clear his car at the port at a very cheap rate. You charged him GH¢8,000 and he made a deposit of GH¢4,000. After paying the deposit to you, you vanished!

The last time Edem confronted you on the issue (3weeks ago), you begged him that you wanted to talk to his brother.

You remember how you defrauded a DCE in Central Region by an amount of GH¢20,000 again under the pretext that you worked at the Flagstaff house.

Considering the many fraud cases hanging around your neck in the name of John Mahama, please tell me who benefitted more than you. Or are you complaining because you benefitted illegally? I'm throwing this challenge to you Mr Political Entrepreneur, if you are a man, stop hiding and come out physically and see if Nsawam will not be your new home.

In your article you claimed you had issues with Mills as a leader of NDC but he still left behind a vibrant and solid electoral machinery? What a wow! If that is the case, then why did you want him replaced as a leader? Does this confirm my earlier statement that you ONLY attack unnecessarily just to be noticed and sorted out?

The damage caused to John Mahama is beyond repairs? Which damage? You were not clear on that Mr Political Entrepreneur. Can you please come clear on this? You made a categorical statement that the current NPP government has started the process to prosecute some former appointees of corruption. I’m sure you have lost your sense of political maturity.

I remember how some former appointees in NDC 1 under the Leadership of Rawlings were prosecuted for alleged corrupt activities. Did that translate into Rawlings destroying NDC beyond repairs? I'm sure if there should be any prosecution, it should start from you for all the FRAUDS you committed in the name of “working at the Flagstaff House and being close to John Mahama”.

You claim Mahama brings virtually nothing to the table as a candidate in 2020 and you surprisingly came to that conclusion because he reduced our votes from 50.7% to 44.4% in 2016. Please conduct a better research into why we lost the 2016 election and stop writing “nonfa” that will not even let anyone call you(If any) to give you 1pessewa mpo. You have forgotten that going into 2020 election, all candidates will start at Zero. I remember during the runoff election in 2008, NPP said NDC needed40,000 more votes to win, forgetting that all were starting fresh.

For you, Mahama coming back is a gamble for the NDC. Again you refused to give any scientific reason than to be using the word "If If If If" throughout. Mr Political Entrepreneur, you seriously need to up your game and stop this talk talk which is not based on any research.

You believe NDC should present a fresh candidate and lose the 2020 election and win the 2024 election. What kind of Class 1 analysis is this? Is 2024 guaranteed for the NDC? If this is the reason you are calling for a new candidate, then sorry you have missed it.

Let me end by saying, John Mahama is contesting and going to lead the NDC to victory come 2020. This is going to be the first time in the history of Ghana where a former President is contesting a ruling government, where Ghanaians can compare the 4 years of both parties. It is obvious JM is the greatest fear of the NPP and Ghanaians have really missed him.

The signs are clearly on the wall...


Columnist: Yayra KD