RE: Woyome Saga, Bature Is Lying, No Top US Lawyer Lauds!

Sun, 29 Mar 2015 Source: www.GhanaHero.Com

THIS is a REJOINDER & PROCLAMATION to the Justice Sarpong essay of similar title.

JUSTICE Sarpong told us some Mr. Bature, "who is the Editor of this useless Ndc praise singing newspaper has been a beneficiary of the Woyome stolen money and he will amain/(amen) everything in his power to defend him even if it meant creating a phantom email from an American lawyer...". Ghanaweb...03/20/15....According to Bature, he saw email to Woyome sent to him by this 'important' American Lawyer... Mr Michael Farrell...".

JUSTICE Sarpong laid bare the "lying" about so-called "Mr J. Michael Farrell" who was "a former campaign Manager of America's 40th President, Ronald Reagan."

EXCEPT, "Mr J. Michael Farrell" wasn't!

WE agree!

FURTHER, we hereby state that the so-called "Mr J. Michael Farrell....now Board Chairman of the US Air Force Academy" is an ugly MAGAEL (Mount-Afadjato-Generic-African-Elephantine-Lie) by Bature and Woyome.

PROCLAMATION: So, therefore, we proclaim that Bature, Woyome, and Al Haij are MAGAELs and hereby appoint every reader on Ghanaweb, every Ghanaian, every Ghana supporter, as a G-SOPY58 (Ghana Scientist of the People Year 58), 58 being the number of years since Ghana gained its independence from the English colonial masters.

BY THIS PRCLAMATION, any G-SOPY58 may responsibly Google the simple domain on the World-Wide Web/Internet: http://www.usafa.af.mil/, for the US Air Force Academy.

THERE, on that website, on that day, every G-SOPY58 will also come to learn the same finding, that so-called Michael Farrell is not, nor ever has been, the Board Chairman of the US Air Force Academy.

THERE, on that website, on that day also, every GSOPY58 will also come to the proper conclusion that indeed Alhaji Bature, Woyome, and AlHaij are truly, ugly MAEGELs.

SOURCE: This is a public service message from www.GhanaHero.Com


1. This is presented as a public service message in defense of truth, openness, and sunshine in Ghana governance. www.GhanaHero.com is not affiliated with the US Air Force or the US Air Force Academy.

2. Do not fritter away your time trying to join the US Air Force or the US Air Force Academy, on that website, please. There is enough to learn there. But, you can't join from Ghana. Further, you must be a US citizen, sort of, to join.

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