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Rainstorm batters Kumawu Polyclinic into destruction

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Mon, 22 Mar 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

A rainstorm at Kumawu a few days ago had not been kind to the Kumawu Polyclinic at all. It had treated the buildings and the patients on admission at the clinic very cruelly.

It blew away the roofs of some of the buildings. Those roofs that resisted the intensity of the rainstorm were not spared their part of the punishment.

The rain battered the roofs so mercilessly to expose the buildings’ structural defects and general weaknesses come about as a result of depreciation and old age.

The clinic was built somewhere in 1972 or 1973, if my memory will serve me right. It was later to be upgraded into a polyclinic when a few buildings and other medical equipment and services were added onto the existing structures.

When I first received the video raw as it was about a 7 to 10 days ago, without any indication as to where the problem had occurred, I just viewed it and forgot about it. It was until five days ago, thus 14 March 2021, when a certain Kumawuman woman in London forwarded it to my WhatsApp platform with a brief note stating that the incident is to do with the Kumawu polyclinic.

As usual, I needed to be certain about the veracity of where the incident had occurred so I forwarded it to my reliable contact person in Kumawu for confirmation. Yes, he got back to me the same day confirming that the video is the true recording of how a rainstorm had devastated the Kumawu polyclinic.

According to my contact person, his mother’s elder sister was on admission to the clinic all the while that the rain was pouring heavily with the wind ferociously raging on. However, she was luckily or unluckily not captured in the video.

To conclude, what can those of us from Kumawuman living abroad do to restore the polyclinic to its former serviceable or operational state? I understand repair works have started but probably not speedily as the citizens of Kumawuman may expect. This is where we have to come in to alleviate the suffering of the patients urgently needing the services of the polyclinic.

Could a fundraising be organised in Kumawu where those of us abroad can contribute towards? On the other hand, could the various Kumawuman organisations abroad please raise funds to assist in the reconstruction of the damaged buildings? Whichever way the raising of the funds go, should it honestly be initiated, I am readily available to contribute my widow’s mite even if I happen not to be financially resourced.

I care about my Ghanaian compatriots, especially, those from Kumawuman hence this publication with the suggestion to raise funds towards its repairs.

Whoever comes across this publication should please forward it to their Kumawuman contacts on their various social media platforms.

Watch video below:

Columnist: Rockson Adofo